What To Wear To A Fall Outdoor Wedding: Outfit Ideas

It’s easy to know what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding as a wedding guest by checking the dress code and wedding venue on the wedding invitation. In this article, we’ll help you create the best attire for a fall outdoor wedding, whether it’s held in a nature park, urban setting, or by the beach. 

It should be easy to decide on an outfit for an October fall wedding by knowing what to expect with the weather and elements. And if you want more tips for dressing for an outdoor wedding, here is what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding

what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding


What To Dress For A Fall Outdoor Wedding


Fall weddings in nature

Most fall outdoor weddings happen in a nature reserve or park to take advantage of the autumn colors in the surroundings. And if you’re a guest in one, you can consider the same fall earth colors of warm tones, greens, and browns for your outfit. 

Since the weather will be breezy, male guests can opt for coats and jackets, while female guests can wear long-sleeved dresses or even include tights for added warmth. From here, you can dress up or down your outfit to suit the event’s formality. 

The natural outdoor venue will also mean that you’ll be stepping on grass or soil, so consider platforms, block heels, or even flats instead of heels for women. And for men, you can opt for boots or oxfords. 


Urban October wedding 

If the October wedding is held outdoors, but in an urban area, the terrain won’t be as challenging, so you have more options for footwear. For example, it might be the outdoors of a museum or an open-type building. 

Typically, the dress code might be formal to semi-formal. Therefore, male wedding guests can wear a blazer and matching trousers with dressy shoes, while female wedding guests in an urban outdoor fall wedding can wear a chic pantsuit with pointed heels or strappy sandals. 

If you don’t like wearing heels, read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding for more styling tips. You can still wear flats even if the wedding is formal or semi-formal. 


Fall outdoor wedding by the sea

Beach weddings are not limited to the summer months. Some couples take advantage of the less sunny and milder weather in autumn and have a fall outdoor wedding by the sea, so here is what you can wear to a fall wedding if it’s at the beach. 

An outdoor beach wedding will be breezy during fall, so it’s best to bring a coverup for added comfort. However, if the theme is casual, women can also wear a jumpsuit and long-sleeved shirts, and linen pants for men. 

Choosing a footwear type that won’t sink or slip on the sand would be best. And of course, remember to dress modestly still to avoid looking like you’re trying to upstage the couple. 


What To Wear To A Fall Wedding Men

Some clothes to wear when attending a fall wedding as a male guest include a dress shirt with a dark-colored suit or vest, matching pants, and dress shoes for a formal dress code. On the other hand, men can lose the tie for semi-formal fall weddings and opt for an inner shirt instead of a dress shirt.

The colors you can wear to a fall wedding include tan, brown, gray, blue, red, and even green. Just make sure that you’re not matching the groom or his groomsmen. 


What Should A Female Guest Wear To A Fall Wedding?

What to wear to a fall wedding as a woman? You can consider a cocktail dress, but midi to maxi dresses are preferable because of the cold weather. 

You can also wear tights with your dress or add a blazer or cardigan over it to make it more comfortable, especially if it’s a fall outdoor wedding. If you’re wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress, here is what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding


How To Wear Pants To A Fall Wedding

Pants are an excellent option to wear to a fall wedding. After all, women might not like skirts or dresses for an autumn or October wedding because of the breeze that risks upskirting. 

That being said it’s perfectly acceptable to wear pants to a fall wedding as a female guest. This can mean a jumpsuit, pantsuit, bodysuit, or even an overall, depending on the location and formality of the wedding. 


Can You Wear Black To An Outdoor Fall Wedding?

You can wear black to an outdoor fall wedding, primarily if it’s held in the evening or formal dress code. A classic attire is a black suit or black dress that you can enhance with other colors for accessories and jewelry. 


What To Wear To A Fall Wedding Plus Size

Consider flattering dress silhouettes as a plus-size when attending a fall wedding. This means fitted at the waist and flaring from the waist down to give you a slimmer look that enhances your natural curves. 

Dark colors are also excellent for plus-size guests attending a fall wedding since the weather is cool anyway. Try navy blue or dark green, for example.



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding, which depends on the location and formality of the event. 

Check your invitation and remember to dress appropriately for the cool autumn weather. We hope these attire ideas helped you!

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