What To Wear To A Country Club Wedding

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a country club wedding, avoid casual clothing. We will discuss the expected dress code when attending a country club wedding in more detail below. 

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what to wear to a country club wedding

Knowing the etiquette for various wedding venues is always helpful, so you’d be prepared when you’re invited to one. 


What Should I Wear To A Country Club Wedding?


Check the wedding invitation 

Before anything else, check the wedding invitation for the dress code. Most likely, the couple will request their guests to wear formal attire. 

This means male guests typically wear a suit or buttoned shirt with slacks, while female guests can opt for classy dresses. Like other weddings, check the color scheme and avoid wearing the same color as the bride, groom, or bridal party. 

That being said, you should apply the expected etiquette of guests when deciding on what to wear to any wedding. For example, do not wear revealing clothes, and you shouldn’t upstage the bride or groom with an eyecatching outfit. 


What not to wear to a country club wedding

When choosing an outfit as a guest to a country club wedding, formality should be practiced. Avoid workout-related clothing and casual outfits. 

If the wedding is held in the clubhouse, then expect that sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, and tshirts would be inappropriate. Similarly, weddings held in the country club’s dining room or banquet room would require the guests to wear formal or, in some weddings, business casual wear like dress slacks, collared shirts, and dressy tops. 

You can check the wedding time as weddings held in the evenings will most likely be formal than semi-formal. It would be best to ask the bride or groom when in doubt about what to wear. 


Is A Country Club Wedding Formal?

A country club wedding is usually formal to take advantage of the site. However, the couple still ultimately decides how formal they want their wedding to be.

Still, it would be more appropriate not to have a very casual wedding in a country club. Instead, it would make an ideal location for couples who want a classy and elegant wedding. 

Furthermore, you’ll find dress codes and policies in different clubhouses. So if you’re running out of ideas on what to wear, women can opt for dresses, dress slacks, suits, or even tasteful skirts with an appropriate blouse, while men can never go wrong with a business suit or a jacket and tie with slacks. 


What Is Country Club Casual For A Wedding?

If the country club wedding you’re attending requests casual attire, you should still opt for modest outfits. You can get an idea of the country club casual attire of the Philadelphia Country Club

Male guests should opt for a collared shirt and tailored slacks, but never have your shirt untucked. You can also opt for Bermuda shorts or turtleneck shirts, and as for the footwear, dress shoes are more appropriate. 

Female guests should also wear dress shoes and modest outfits. Opt for dresses that are not revealing or skirts that aren’t too short. 

You can ask the couple if jeans are permitted in their country club casual wedding. Most likely, you can wear well-tailored blue jeans, but not those that are bleached or torn.


What Is Country Club Cocktail Attire?

If the country club wedding you’re attending mentions cocktail attire for the dress code, you can assume it’s more formal cocktail attire. After all, remember that indoor country club receptions often have a dress code. 

Women can opt for a slightly longer dress than a classic cocktail dress, while men can opt for a blazer and tie. However, by definition, the expected outfits of women in cocktail attire are dresses slightly below the knee and men in casual suits or dark jeans, jackets, and ties. 

Furthermore, cocktail events are usually between five to eight pm, so you shouldn’t wear very casual outfits. But, again, don’t hesitate to ask the couple if you’re unsure about the outfit you’ve chosen. 

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What Is A Country Club Wedding?

From the name itself, a country club wedding is held in the country club. You can select between an outdoor and indoor ceremony and take advantage of the country club’s gorgeous landscape or classy interior. 

Another advantage of doing your wedding at a country club is that amenities and staff are readily available. As a result, you’re eliminating the stress of finding vendors for different parts of the event. 

Are country club weddings expensive? It should be easy to find a wedding venue package that suits your budget and needs, ranging from $76 to $185 per person.



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed what to wear to a country club wedding, where you must avoid casual clothing.

Check the dress code on your wedding invitation to decide on an outfit. Usually, country club weddings request guests to wear formal, business casual, country club casual, or formal cocktail. 

Maintain modesty and never wear clothes that you’ll wear working out. 


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