What To Wear To A Country Chic Wedding: Wedding Attire

You’ll understand what to wear to a country chic wedding much better if we define the best attire to wear for male and female wedding guests. We’ll also define the dress code country chic for weddings and the expected clothing for other venues that may want a country chic wedding. 

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what to wear to a country chic wedding


Exactly What To Wear To A Country Chic Wedding As A Guest


Male wedding guest attire

Rustic weddings and outdoor weddings might request a country chic-themed wedding dress code. And for men attending these kinds of events, the type of clothing you can wear can be defined as rustic but classy. 

For a barn wedding with a country chic dress code, you can wear a perfect-fitting button-up shirt with slacks and deck shoes. If it’s particularly cold, then you can add a jacket in colors inspired by the wedding theme. 

The term chic implies that you want to look sophisticated but not overdressed. And since it’s a country wedding, you can consider browns, greens, grays, and other “natural” colors. 


Female wedding guest attire

The clothes suitable for country weddings, particularly with the country chic dress code for female guests, should be stylish but comfortable for the outdoor or country setting. Think of rustic wedding attire but with some elegance. 

That being considered, what to wear or how to dress for a country chic wedding as a woman? You can consider midi dresses with boots or partner a floral knee-length dress with a brown or neutral-colored cardigan with flats or dressy sandals. 

You don’t also need to dress for a country chic wedding. If you have a stylish but semi-formal blouse, you can partner it with pants and other outfits that will fit rustic and country weddings as long as you style them up.            


What Is Country Chic Attire?

Country chic wedding dress code means outfits you’ll typically wear to an outdoor, country, or rustic wedding but is styled up. You want to look sophisticated but still suitable for the outdoor wedding. 

For example, consider what clothing you’ll wear to a country wedding. They include earth tones and fabrics like cotton and leather. 

But because it’s chic, you can add a blazer and other modern elements to what you’ll wear to the wedding. Consider a plaid blazer over a tunic blouse for women or a buttoned shirt, vest, brown jacket, and dark jeans for men to give you ideas. 


What Do You Wear To A Country Wedding As A Guest?

Attending a rustic or outdoor wedding, you must know what to expect with the country wedding attire. Two styles often seen in this type of wedding are the cowboy or Western style and the English country style. 


Western country outfits

If the country wedding requests for cowboy Western style for guests, you can imagine outfits partnered with the cowboy hat, cowboy boots, or even a cowboy belt. Women can wear flowy lace dresses partnered with these accessories, while men can dress up their jeans and buttoned shirt with these cowboy accessories. 

But of course, you don’t need to incorporate all these elements into your outfit as it’s still a wedding. Instead, choose one cowboy accessory to create a Western style for your country wedding attire. 

You can also wear plaid patterns, neutral colors, denim, fringed features, and leather elements to achieve a Western style for the country wedding. But of course, make sure that it’s still semi-formal as you don’t want to look too casual for the wedding. 

Read what to wear to a Western wedding if you want to know more about this theme and expected outfits to wear. 


English country outfits

Another clothing style for the country wedding style is the English countryside. From the name itself, they are what English countrymen typically wear. 

Think of flowy silhouettes and lightweight fabrics to help you build an attire for weddings with this theme. Linen and cotton are excellent clothing choices for comfort and adherence to the theme.

This type of attire can also be defined as dressy clothes for a country wedding. For example, try dark colors like brown and maroon and patterns like houndstooth, argyle, and herringbone for male and female wedding attire. 


What Should I Wear To A Elegant Country Wedding?

A country chic wedding may refer to an elegant country wedding. Therefore, think of sophisticated and classy attire that would still be suitable for the country wedding venue. 

You don’t need to wear clothing seen in black tie events. But instead, combine rustic elements and modern features in your outfit. 

For example, wear natural fabrics and patterns in country and rustic colors but combine them with elegant accessories. Imagine a plaid suit with khakis for male guests or a floral sheath dress and ankle boots for women. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a country chic wedding, which is defined by rustic but dressy attire. 

It doesn’t mean you’ll be casual or formal, but find the middle ground between sophisticated and country. You can consider earthy colors and natural fabrics or even incorporate country elements like cowboy accessories in your semi-formal attire. 

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