What To Wear To A Cold Spring Wedding: Outfit Ideas

If you’re curious about what to wear to a cold spring wedding, we’ll provide sample spring wedding attire for men and women if it’s expected to be cold. You will also know what shoes, colors, and fabrics to wear for spring weddings if it’s particularly chilly. 

We will also give examples of wedding guest attire you can wear to any cold wedding. And if the venue will be outside, you can read what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding as an additional reference. 

what to wear to a cold spring wedding


Exactly What To Wear To A Cold Spring Wedding


Cold spring wedding attire for women and men

An example of attire to wear in cold spring weddings for women can be a long-sleeve dress. Spring can be a bit chilly, but you don’t want to overdress that you’ll feel too hot at the wedding. 

You can opt for a long-sleeve wrap dress for comfort; some are available in floral patterns to complement the spring season. Men, on the other hand, can also wear long-sleeve buttoned shirts with khakis. 

The formality of the cold spring wedding will dictate if you must opt for polos or dressier pants. You can also choose dark and warm fabrics for added comfort. 


Layer wedding guest attire for spring weddings

A helpful tip for deciding what to wear to cold spring weddings is to choose layered outfits. For example, women can wear black tights with their dress or consider a bodysuit with a blazer for the wedding, depending on the dress code. 

You can also wear skin-tight undergarments for a light layer underneath your outfit without feeling too hot. As for male guests, you can also layer your outfit with a coat, jacket, or even a suit. 

Some cold spring weddings, especially those outdoors, are perfect for suit vests. They should add comfort against the cold breeze and are easy to style up or down. 


Colors to wear for a cold spring wedding

When deciding what outfits to wear at cold spring weddings, the color of the attire also matters. Usually, floral clothing is suitable for a spring wedding. 

Colorful outfits are acceptable and can be inspired by the flowers in season. But if it’s an evening or a particularly cold spring wedding, jewel tones would look fantastic. 

Colors like emerald, turquoise, or even ruby would be formal and flattering for most people. Just be mindful of avoiding the colors of the wedding party. 


Fabrics to wear to a cold spring wedding 

A chilly spring wedding allows guests to dress in layers. However, you don’t want something too heavy that you won’t feel comfortable at the event. 

Experiment with a breathable fabric on your main attire, such as cotton, then layer it with warm fabrics like a wool or velvet clothing piece. You can also wear dark colors as they could keep you warm, especially at an outdoor ceremony. 


Shoes to wear to a cold spring wedding 

Cold weather events like winter weddings or a surprisingly chilly spring wedding can be the perfect time to wear boots as a wedding guest. You can partner a wedged bootie with your dress or a pair of ankle boots with your pantsuit for comfort. 

Alternatively, tights with dressy heels or flats should also be suitable, but select the more comfortable pair to wear depending on the wedding venue. What about male guests?

Male guests can also wear boots to a cold spring wedding. Some other alternative shoes they can also wear include leather espadrilles, loafers, or dressy sneakers. 


What Do You Wear To A Cold Wedding?

Here are some outfit ideas you can wear to a cold wedding:


Cold wedding attire for women 

  • Long-sleeved dress with tights
  • Blouse and skirt with a blazer 
  • Boots and tights 
  • Bodysuit, jacket, and layered pants
  • Dark colors
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Warm fabrics like wool 
  • Additional accessories like a shawl 


Cold wedding attire for men

  • Dark-colored suits
  • Tweed jackets
  • Herringbone coats
  • Dark pants
  • Leather shoes
  • Chelsea boots

As for brides, you can read what to wear over the wedding dress if cold to remain comfortable during the ceremony. 


What Should I Wear To A March Wedding?

A March wedding can have unpredictable weather because you want outfits that would be comfortable in case it’s cold, but not clothing pieces where you risk overheating. Consider these tips when making your wedding guest attire for a March wedding: 

  • Wear breathable outfits from light fabrics but bring cover-ups like a jacket, blazer, or cardigan in case it gets chilly
  • Casual March weddings can have guests in sports coats for men and dressy long-sleeved jumpsuits for women
  • Consider three-piece outfits where you can remove some pieces in case it gets too warm
  • The dress code and formality of the wedding will dictate the appropriate shoes to wear to the wedding 
  • Outdoor spring weddings can have tricky terrains like grasses and soil, so be mindful of the heel length 



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned what to wear to a cold spring wedding, which can mean long sleeves, layers, jewel tones, and even boots for the shoes. 

You should also be mindful of the fabrics to use because they should keep you warm but not too uncomfortable since spring can be unpredictable. Let us know below if you have more tips to share. 

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