What To Wear To A Casual Fall Wedding: Outfit Ideas

Those who don’t know what to wear to a casual fall wedding can consider these attire ideas for male and female wedding guests. Fall wedding attire that follows a casual dress code can be tricky because you don’t want to wear something that makes you look underdressed or overdressed. 

We’ve also included tips for dressing for a fall wedding if the invite mentioned dressy casual. And if the venue is outside, please refer to what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding

what to wear to a casual fall wedding


Guest Attire Guide: What To Wear To A Casual Fall Wedding

You can imagine the outfits you can wear for casual fall wedding attire as the clothes you’ll have for a fall anniversary party or holiday. This means even though it’s called casual, you still shouldn’t attend wearing loungewear and super casual clothes like a t-shirt or cargo pants. 

And since it’ll be in fall, you can also bring cover-ups like jackets or blazers as they can dress up your wedding outfit. What about jeans?

Jeans can be acceptable in a casual fall wedding if you pick something dark and have no styles like distressed or graphic designs. You can also use the wedding venue as a clue to how casual you should dress or if it’s more appropriate to go with dressy simple fall wedding guest attire. 


What should a female guest wear to a casual fall wedding?

A casual fall wedding outfit that women can wear can include cocktail dresses partnered with a jacket or cardigan if it’s especially chilly. You can also wear longer hems such as midi and maxi dresses, but take note of their styles to ensure they still suit casual weddings. 

Slip dresses are also fantastic for the casual wedding attire of female wedding guests because they are not too laidback looking. Alternatively, wear dress pants with a blazer and boots to a casual fall wedding if you don’t like skirts and dresses. 

What about the colors for casual fall wedding outfits of women? Use the time and venue of the fall wedding as inspiration, but typically, try foliage colors like burgundy, rust, or even jewel tones and other dark colors. 


What should a male guest wear to a casual fall wedding?

Men’s attire for casual fall weddings could be a button-up shirt with dress pants and a blazer for added style and comfort or a sport coat with a tee for something more casual. Of course, you can also wear earth tones in your ensemble to suit the fall wedding. 

Suits can also be dressed down to complement the casual dress code of the fall wedding. Otherwise, a well-fitting long-sleeved shirt with a scarf can look stylish, especially for a laidback backyard fall wedding. 

As for the shoes, there are dressy boots you can partner with your attire, and some stylish sneakers that look semi-formal or dressy casual can also be appropriate. If you have a leather pair in warm neutrals or colors like olive green or brown, they should also suit the male wedding attire for a casual fall wedding without looking underdressed. 


What Is Dressy Casual For A Fall Wedding?

Not all wedding ceremonies are the same, so it’s possible that the couple requested dressy casual for their wedding attire. And for this type of casual fall wedding, you should consider outfits, not at the level of black-tie and formal, but casual clothes that are dressed up. 

For example, a sport coat is a perfect casual top for male wedding guests, but it can be dressed up depending on the style and how you combine it with other clothes. On the other hand, women can wear a jumpsuit to casual weddings, but if it’s dressy casual, you can pair it with a blazer since it’s a fall wedding anyway. 

Think of combining pieces from casual and formal attire to get the combination of dressy casual. And since it’s a fall wedding, consider natural colors during this like greens and reds and comfortable fabrics like wool, silk, or cotton. 


Can You Wear Pants To A Fall Wedding?

Women can wear pants for their fall wedding attire. Instead of wearing tights with your dress or skirt ensemble to remain warm during the wall wedding ceremony, you can wear dark pants as your bottom. 

Use the dress code for the fall wedding attire to know what to wear. For example, formal fall weddings can mean trousers, while casual fall weddings for women can permit jeans as long as they are still dressy. 

Pantsuits and jumpsuits are also quite popular, especially for casual weddings nowadays. But of course, select a style and color suitable to the specific fall wedding you’re attending. 


What Is The Best Color For A Casual Wedding In October?

A casual fall wedding is ideal for wearing colors seen naturally during this season. Consider clothes in brown, red, yellow, and even dark green. 

Patterns might also be acceptable since it’s a casual wedding. However, please check the color scheme of the fall wedding you’re attending, so you’ll still look cohesive with the other guests. 

But for more ideas regarding outdoor weddings with casual attire, you can read what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding.



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a casual fall wedding, which can mean dressy casual dresses and jumpsuits for women or blazers and sport coats for men. 

Consider the fall colors as inspiration for your outfit colors, and remember that even though it’s casual, you still want to look appropriate for the wedding. 

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