What To Wear To A British Wedding: Guest Attire Guide

To understand what to wear to a British wedding, we will discuss the dress code expected at a traditional British wedding. You will know what to wear if the couple is getting married in the UK to ensure that you’re following the bridal etiquette and expectations for wedding guests. 

We will also discuss what a formal dress code means if you’re attending a British wedding in the UK. And in general, why not read what to wear to a destination wedding, so you’ll know how a wedding guest dresses for out-of-town weddings. 

what to wear to a british wedding


Wedding Guest Attire Guide For What To Wear To A British Wedding

What a wedding guest wears to a traditional British wedding usually follows a formal dress code called the Morning Suit or Morning Dress. This dress code is popular in England, and you can expect it in most British weddings that are formal events. 

Do not be confused by the term, as you can view it as any formal dress code. For example, male wedding guests can wear a black coat with trousers and black shoes, while female wedding guests can wear a long dress or skirt that goes to the knees. 


What does the Morning Suit dress code mean in British weddings?

However, the difference with the Morning Dress code is that men wear suspenders instead of a belt. The waistcoat is also usually gray to complement the black or gray suit. 

To elevate the formality of the knee-length skirt or dress of female wedding guests, you can partner the attire with a jacket and hat. And of course, wear formal shoes and a fascinator with your morning suit wedding attire. 

Are you unfamiliar with formal hats? Read what is a fascinator for a wedding to know about this accessory that you might need for a British wedding. 


How to dress for a London wedding?

Before anything else, please check the invitation to the British wedding you’re attending for the dress code. If it’s a destination wedding in London, then the information on what to wear is usually discussed on the couple’s wedding websites. 

A London wedding happening before 4:30 pm will usually follow a Morning Suit dress code as discussed above, where the guests will wear formal attire. However, every couple is different, and their wedding can be as formal or laidback as they want. 

Here are tips on choosing the wedding guest outfits for a UK wedding:

  • Consider the time and location of the British wedding  
  • Know the wedding theme and color palette
  • Avoid the colors worn by the wedding party
  • Ask other guests attending the wedding about what they’ll wear
  • Apply basic wedding etiquettes on what to wear, such as avoiding sexy outfits, casual attire, or eye-catching clothes


What Is The Formal Dress Code For Weddings In The UK?

You can always ask the couple or anyone close to them to explain the dress code they request for their wedding. But in general, a typical formal UK wedding is not that different from other formal weddings. 

Men usually wear dark suits and ties, while women opt for knee-length or longer dresses. You can also use the venue and time of the UK wedding as a clue. 

Indoor evening weddings are black-tie, while those held earlier and outdoors can be semi-formal. Do not choose something too casual, but maintain comfort and modesty with your formal attire. 


Can I Wear Trousers To A Wedding In The UK?

Men usually wear trousers to a UK wedding. And if you’re a woman who is uncomfortable with skirts and dresses, then know that it’s also acceptable to wear trousers.

Nowadays, women attending formal weddings can also wear suits and trousers. In addition, you can experiment with blouses or bodysuits that match the wedding theme and formality to elevate your look. 

Trousers are always better than jeans because the latter is considered casual. And of course, you can always find the right color and material to feel comfortable at the wedding. 


Should You Wear Tights To A Wedding In The UK?

Do you know that women are expected to wear tights even at summer weddings in the UK? This is especially true for a wedding with a Morning Dress code. 

However, asking someone from the wedding party or even the bride or groom themselves about their guest’s wedding attire expectations wouldn’t hurt. Remember to practice modesty with what you’ll wear, especially with the skirt or dress length that shouldn’t be shorter than the knees. 


What Time Are British Weddings?

The time of the British wedding can also help you decide what to wear. Typically, weddings in the UK occur between 11 am to 3 pm.

Since the Morning Dress code is expected before 4 pm, this type of formality is expected with the wedding guest attire. You can also use the wedding venue to determine the appropriate wedding outfit.



Was this guide helpful? To recap what to wear to a British wedding, check the wedding dress code.

Typically, a UK wedding will follow a Morning Dress code where men are expected in suits and waistcoats while women wear dresses not going over the knees in terms of length. But of course, you can always check the wedding website, invitation, or ask the couple regarding their outfit expectations for guests. 

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