What To Wear To A Black Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a black wedding, you can consider two factors when deciding on your wedding guest attire. Wearing black to a wedding requires some discussion because this dark color can have different meanings. 

You will also know below if you can wear black in general or what weddings would be acceptable for guests to wear black. And for brides who want this bold color, you can read what a black wedding dress means. 

what to wear to a black wedding


What Can A Guest Wear To A Black Wedding


Wedding guest attire with modesty

Before anything else, please check the wedding invitation for the dress code and theme. While it’s established that the couple is having a black wedding, you should assess how formal you should dress for the event. 

For example, if it’s a formal black wedding, male guests can wear a classic black suit and pants with a light-colored buttoned shirt and a necktie. On the other hand, female guests can wear a black maxi dress and kitten heels. 

Then, for a semi-formal wedding, you can lose the necktie or wear a black collared shirt with dark denim for men or a black jumpsuit with dressy sandals for women. But, in general, opt for black outfits that won’t show too much skin or isn’t too flashy that it looks like you’re upstaging the bride or groom.  


Wedding guest style with comfort

The second consideration when deciding what to wear to a black wedding is comfort. Use the black wedding’s season, time, and venue as clues when creating your wedding guest attire. 

Black will be warm to wear, so if the wedding is in summer, opt for lightweight fabrics or shorter lengths without losing modesty. On the other hand, bring layers or wear something over your dress or shirt if it’s a cool wedding held outdoors. 

The shoes also affect the general comfort, so select the appropriate pair for the wedding. For example, women can consider flats for outdoor weddings while men can wear dressy sneakers for some semi-formal weddings. 


Can A Female Guest Wear Black To A Wedding?

Wearing black to a wedding is acceptable, depending on the venue, type of wedding, and couple. If unsure, ask someone from the wedding party or the couple themselves if wearing black is not disrespectful. 

Otherwise, formal and evening weddings can have women in long black dresses or black pantsuits. Just make sure that the overall style of what you’re wearing is not bridal or too attention-grabbing. 

You should also introduce other colors in your outfit. For example, when wearing a black midi dress, you can wear another color for your shoes, preferably anything part of the wedding color scheme.  


Can A Male Guest Wear Black To A Wedding?

If the couple’s traditions don’t view wearing black negatively, it’s acceptable for men to wear black to a wedding. It is even a classic suit color for wedding guests, primarily for indoor and formal weddings. 

Just make sure that your style doesn’t look the same as what the groomsmen wear. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a black suit for formality. 

And to make sure that you won’t stand out, select other colors for your inner shirt. For example, wearing a black shirt and tie with a black suit can make you pop out from other wedding guests. 

And if you’re curious about why can’t you wear black to a wedding, read the different beliefs worldwide in our separate discussion. 


Can You Wear Black To A Winter Wedding?

You can wear black to a winter wedding because black can help keep you warm as it retains heat when worn. Furthermore, winter weddings are usually indoor and formal occasions, so black is one of the chosen colors, especially with male guests. 

The only consideration left would be the specific theme of the winter wedding. Perhaps the couple wants a winter wonderland theme where they’re expecting blue and light colors for their wedding guests. 


Can You Wear Black To A Fall Wedding?

You can wear black to a fall wedding because it will feel comfortable, especially if it’s chilly. However, fall weddings usually call for warm colors like red, brown, or orange. 

The last thing you want is to be the only one wearing black in the sea of guests. But since some couples may have a Halloween-themed wedding, wearing all-black attire might be acceptable. 


Is It Disrespectful To Wear Black To A Wedding?

It can be disrespectful to wear black to some weddings because it is associated with grief and bad luck in some cultures. However, it is also a formal color, and it’s commonly worn in formal weddings, especially as a suit color. 

Therefore, it’s best to ask the couple or someone close to them about wearing this color to the wedding. Of course, you can always select gray or dark navy blue as alternatives. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a black wedding, it will depend on the formality and comfort you need to have. 

Check the wedding season and venue, then ask another guest for an opinion on what you’re planning to wear. Some outfit ideas include a black maxi dress, black suit and tie, black pantsuit or jumpsuit, or a simple black collared shirt. 

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