What To Wear To A Beach Wedding In Mexico

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a beach wedding in Mexico, please read below the beach wedding attire guide for male and female guests. We’ll discuss what’s suitable for a beach wedding in Mexico, and you’ll also know how to pick an outfit that would be comfortable but still stylish for a wedding. 

And for destination weddings in Mexico that might be more traditional, you can refer to what to wear to a Mexican wedding. Our blog has an extensive list of wedding guest attire guides to help guests know the etiquette of what to wear. 

what to wear to a beach wedding in mexico


Guest Guide On What To Wear To A Beach Wedding In Mexico


Mexico beach wedding guest attire for women 

Before anything else, the best way to know what to wear in destination weddings like a Mexico beach wedding is to check the invitation. The couple has indicated the dress code and theme. 

And since it’s a beach wedding, guests will likely wear something dressy but comfortable for the sand and sun. A Mexico beach wedding can get hot, but you shouldn’t lose formality. 

Female wedding guests can opt for a midi dress that won’t catch sand and get dirty compared to maxi dresses. Alternatively, a chic pastel-colored jumpsuit would also be fitting for a daytime beach wedding in Mexico. 

For casual and semi-formal beach weddings, you can try a two-piece attire such as palazzo pants paired with a buttoned shirt or a long skirt with an off-shoulder top or dressy blouse. And, of course, even if the venue is on beaches, you must still pick formal shoes like strappy sandals or comfortable flats over flip-flops. 


Mexico beach wedding guest attire for men 

The outfits men can wear to a beach wedding in Mexico should be stylish but practical for the venue and weather. Formal weddings might require suits, but lighter jackets and blazers would be sufficient for casual and semi-formal beach weddings. 

Some destination weddings by the beaches in Mexico can even have men in wedding outfits like a polo shirt with chinos or a button-down shirt with khakis. Shorts might be acceptable, and some beach weddings can have guests barefoot. 

But of course, be mindful of denim and very casual-looking t-shirts since you’re still attending a wedding. You are also not limited to dark colors, especially with suits. 

Like destination weddings in Cancun, Mexican beach weddings can have male guests in light-colored suits. The beige color and linen material would be stylish and practical for a wedding suite on a Mexican beach. 


What Is The Dress Code For A Beach Wedding In Mexico?

The dress code for beach weddings in Mexico will depend on the couple. But since it’s a beach, they’ll likely wear comfortable outfits and clothes for the guests.

You may see semi-formal, dressy casual, beach chic, or tropical formal on your invitation to a beach wedding in Mexico. Therefore, your clothing should fit the beach venue but be comfortable with the Mexican weather. 

These dress codes have one thing in common: look stylish for the wedding without going overboard and losing practicality for the beach wedding setup. You’ll know what to wear by styling typical beach wear to a friendly resort or hotel. 

And for brides who don’t know what to wear to their Mexico destination by the beach, you can read where to find beach wedding dresses


What Does Beach Formal Mean For A Wedding?

A beach formal wedding outfit means you must wear something elegant and sophisticated with beach elements. Think of colors inspired by the beach venue and materials that would be comfortable in the beach setting. 

Colorful maxi or midi dresses would be perfect for female wedding guests. On the other hand, male wedding guests will be wearing suits to suit the formality of the wedding. 

And since the suit is something you’ll wear to a beach wedding, fabrics like khaki, linen, or seersucker would be more fitting. The shoes for a beach formal wedding would ideally be closed-toe since the attire is formal. 


Do You Wear Shoes To A Beach Wedding?

Destination weddings, especially those with a beach venue, can have guests in sandals for comfort. However, formal beach weddings might request closed-toe shoes like Oxfords for men and comfortable moccasins or loafers for women. 

Heeled shoes would be tricky to wear to a beach wedding, but those with low heels might still be doable. In some beach weddings, the couple might even provide matching flip-flops or have the guests barefoot for a more natural wedding. 

Overall, check the wedding dress code explanation on the wedding website to know what shoes to wear to a beach wedding. 


What Color Dress Should You Wear To A Beach Wedding?

There are no set standards on the color of dress to wear to a beach wedding. Instead, use the formality, theme, and venue of the wedding to know what colors will be ideal. 

For example, an evening formal beach wedding can have guests in dark dresses like a black cocktail dress or navy A-line dress. On the other hand, a daytime tropical beach wedding with a more casual vibe can have women in floral maxi or midi skirts. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a beach wedding in Mexico: something elegant for the wedding, but comfortable for the beach venue and weather.

This means colorful midi dresses and linen suits, for example. But of course, every wedding is different, so please follow the dress code and theme. 

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