What To Wear Over Wedding Dress In Winter: Best 5

Those who want to know what to wear over wedding dress in winter can consider five bridal coverups. We’ll provide the various winter coverup styles to suit all kinds of brides and weddings.

We will also share tips on what to wear to a wedding if you need to stay warm. And for additional reference, please read what to wear over a wedding dress if cold.  

what to wear over wedding dress in winter


Stylish Ways On What To Wear Over Wedding Dress In Winter


Bridal bolero

You might find the bride wearing a bolero in winter weddings. This bridal coverup adds comfort to a cold wedding, and boleros come in different styles. 

Some designers even create a bolero for their wedding dress, especially if it’s sleeveless or has a low neckline. And for a winter wedding, you can even find a long-sleeved bolero for extra comfort. 

Consider the elements in your wedding dress, such as lace and other details to find the best bolero for it. You can also find a feather or cashmere bridal bolero if it’s a glamorous winter wedding. 


Bridal jacket

Some wedding dresses are better partnered with a bridal jacket for a winter wedding. Depending on the style, you can also try a bridal jacket with your wedding gown or any wedding outfit like a jumpsuit. 

Because it’s a winter wedding, your dress should be made of thick and warm materials. So for the bridal jacket, why not search for something made of fur? 

You can also check bridal jackets made from fleece that would suit an outdoor winter wedding. Alternatively, some winter weddings may have a theme where a bridal leather jacket is appropriate. 


Bridal wrap

If the winter wedding dress you’re wearing doesn’t need thick coverups like a jacket or bolero, then why not wear a wrap over it? What’s advantageous with a bridal wrap is you can also use it for other outfits. 

Even after the wedding, you can wear shawls and wraps to add style and comfort to your cold-weather outfit. However, keep in mind that you want your bridal wrap to complement the style of your wedding dress. 

Consider lace wraps or cashmere wraps, for example. Then, experiment with different styles, so you are still showcasing your wedding dress. 


Bridal blazer

Consider a bridal blazer to wear with your winter wedding outfits, especially if it’s a modern or semi-formal winter wedding. A blazer also suits bridal outfits like jumpsuits and pantsuits if the bride prefers pants over dresses.  


Bridal coat

Depending on the dress code or if you don’t want to change what you’re wearing to the reception, wear a bridal coat over your winter wedding gown. You can find different styles made from faux fur or even get a capelet style for a unique look. 


What Does A Bride Wear For A Winter Wedding?

Please consider these tips when selecting wedding gowns or any winter bridal attire to ensure warmth and comfort throughout your wedding day. But more than applying these tips with your winter bride style, you can also select coverups for the wedding gown with these features: 

  • Faux or real feathers add style and warmth
  • Faux or real fur can feel comfortable because of its softness when used for the winter wedding bridal attire 
  • Tafetta and charmeuse are materials that can add texture and appeal to winter wedding coverups or gowns 
  • Lace and organza provide styles to boleros and jackets to make them look more bridal 


How Do Brides Stay Warm In The Winter?

A winter wedding doesn’t mean the bride must sacrifice her dream style to remain warm and comfortable. Consider these tips and hacks for your bridal attire and when choosing what to wear with the wedding dress for your winter wedding. 

  • When shopping for wedding dresses for a winter wedding, opt for winter fabrics or talk with the designer regarding the lining for your bridal attire
  • Opt for a warm slip, undergarment, or shapewear to add warmth to your wedding dress
  • Consider long-sleeved wedding dresses and those with thick and long skirts for a winter wedding
  • Consider wearing a coverup like a jacket or coat made with fur with your wedding dress
  • A bride wearing something that won’t look good with a jacket or bolero can switch it with a shawl or wrap
  • Switch the bridal veil with a cape
  • Add bridal gloves to your wedding outfit
  • Opt for close-toed footwear and partner them with tights
  • Consider dark and jewel tones than white for a crisp winter wedding


What Do Female Guests Wear To Winter Weddings?

You can always partner your dress with a shawl, jacket, or coat for comfort when attending a winter wedding. Black tights and warm undergarments should also help in keeping you warm. 

Dark tones should help in comfort and are suitable for winter weddings. But of course, be mindful of the colors and styles you choose as you don’t want to stand out at the wedding. 

If you are wearing a sleeveless, read what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding for tips to remain comfortable. 



And that’s it! You just discovered what to wear over wedding dress in winter which includes boleros, jackets, wraps, blazers, and coats made from warm materials like fur and feathers. 

Of course, you should select a coverup that matches the style of your bridal attire. You can also ask the boutique if they offer specific jackets and boleros to partner with your wedding dress. 

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