What To Wear In A Tanning Bed? 3 Best Clothes!

If you want to get your skin tanned, you should know what to wear in a tanning bed.

Since the skin will be exposed to UV lights, wearing the wrong clothes will leave tan lines on your skin which you probably wouldn’t like.

what to wear in a tanning bed

But of course, you also should not be naked since many people have used tanning before you.

When it comes to the right clothes to wear, many people have a say on this.

But the most important here is that you should wear something you are comfortable with.

While at the same time will result in the smallest amount of tan lines.

In case you have no idea what you should wear, do not worry because that’s exactly the reason why we are here.

We will be providing you with the clothing option that is appropriate to wear in a tanning bed.


3 Different Clothes To Wear In A Tanning Bed

There are only limited options when it comes to tanning clothes.

Just keep in mind the look that you want to achieve as well as the possible tan lines.

Not only that, but you also need to consider your comfort.

What to wear in a tanning bed?

So without further ado, here are our tanning clothes suggestions.


#1. Wearing nothing

If you want to avoid getting tan lines, then it would be better to be naked. Just wear your birthday suit.

With this, you can tan your entire body evenly.

In other words, no tan lines are needed to be covered up later on.

If you are quite worried regarding hygiene, then you can choose other suggestions.

But rest assured, all tanning salons, especially the reputable ones follows health protocols and hygiene standards rigorously.

Inspections are also done regularly to ensure that it is safe and clean.

And do not worry; it is safe to tan naked even if you have sensitive skin.

However, some areas of your body are said to be more sensitive to UV rays.

If you choose not to cover them, it might lead to irritation or even burning.

You should use intimate covers such as nipple covers, for example.

After all, opting to go in a tanning bed naked is a personal choice.

In case you do not feel comfortable with this, then you can choose from other options.


#2. Swimsuit

The most common option would be wearing a swimsuit. It can range from swimming shorts, two-piece, or a full swimsuit.

According to many, these tanning clothes are also the most comfortable option to wear in a tanning bed.

If you plan to go to a beach with tanned skin, go to a tanning salon and wear the same swimwear you intend to wear in the tanning bed.

Doing so will cover up any tan lines.

A swimsuit will also be able to hide your intimate areas while at the same time not creating tan lines that are too noticeable.

Perhaps, you do not want to have tan lines onto your shoulder area, choosing a strapless bikini top.

You might as well untie the top of the bikini.

And simply keep your breasts covered so that you will reduce tan lines while at the same time you will be kept covered.

If you are wondering if the UV lights will ruin your swimsuit, dear no.

The UV rays in a tanning bed are pretty much the same as the natural sun.

Rest assured, it will not damage the material.


#3. Underwear

Did you just drop by a tanning salon to go out to run some errands or after you get off from work?

Perhaps, the easiest solution is just to go in the tanning bed with your underwear.

With this, you do not need to carry a swimsuit around.

Plus, no need for your change. Just go directly to the tanning bed.

After the tanning session, you can easily put back your clothes.

You can wear your thongs, panties, bras, briefs, or any other underwear you usually wear.

Whichever you are most comfortable with.

But also consider whichever will avoid tan lines.

Uh oh! I know you would not like them.


What To Wear After The Tanning Session?

After getting your skin tanned in a tanning bed, now what should you wear?

Of course, you should not leave the tanning salon just with your underwear, swimsuit, or, worse naked.

It would be best to wear loose-fitting clothes.

I mean those you can put on easily to prevent the material from rubbing against your skin.

Not only that, but it will also prevent you from sweating.

Loose-fitting clothes will also let you change quickly after the tanning session has ended.


It’s A Wrap!

After you read the entire post, you now know what to wear in a tanning bed.

Again, choose whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Nothing matters more than your comfort.

Plus, consider the tan lines. You wouldn’t want to have issues covering them later on.

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