What To Wear For A Second Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

Brides who don’t know what to wear for a second wedding can consider these two tips when selecting an outfit. We will also include a clothing guide for the groom for his second wedding. 

And for those who’ll have their second wedding in their 50s, we’ll discuss the flattering way to dress to make you look the best on your special day. But first, do you know who pays for a second wedding?

what to wear for a second wedding


What To Wear For A Second Wedding: Second Marriage Attire Guide


Flattering dresses

For your second trip down the aisle, make sure you know the best silhouette for your body type. You probably have an idea or opinion regarding the last wedding dress you wore, so make sure to take some time trying different dresses and consulting a trusty sewist. 

Typically for the second marriage, brides prefer a more relaxed but still elegant dress to wear down the aisle. So instead of the classic ball wedding gown, they’d opt for elegant dresses with less volume in the skirt.

The key is to showcase your natural curves: a trumpet dress for an hourglass body type, an A-line dress for a pear-shaped body type, a fitted dress for petite brides, and midi-lengths for tall brides. For a more in-depth bridal wear guide, refer to what style of wedding dress for my body type


Elegant bridal wear

You also want to wear something simple but elegant for your second wedding. Instead of the extravagant bridal dress with beading and details, it’s trendier nowadays for second-time brides to opt for smooth and monochromatic wedding dresses. 

You can still wear something with embellishments, but it doesn’t have to look as if you’re attending a prom. Consider those with subtle beading, maybe some laced details, ruching, or a simple bow at the belt. 

Be mindful of the fabric and materials of the wedding dress, as well as it can make you look overly youthful. For example, instead of wearing something with multiple layers of tulle, consider an elegant silk or satin dress that is fitted strategically on different parts of your body.


What Color Dress Is Appropriate For A Second Wedding?

Another typical dilemma regarding the bridal outfit for the second wedding is what color to wear. There is no right or wrong answer, but brides usually wear another color than white. 

Perhaps a specific color has a sentimental value for you, or you and your partner want a non-traditional wedding. You can even have a quirky wedding ceremony that welcomes bright colors. 

You can wear navy blue, old rose, yellow, black, or even red as it’s your wedding anyway. If you don’t want a very bold choice, you can also wear something off-white, whichever complements your skin tone best. 

And finally, make sure that you and your partner talk about your second wedding outfit. This way, you’ll look fantastic side by side, which you’ll thank us later when browsing your wedding photos.


What Should I Wear For My Second Marriage?


Classic and dapper

Do you know the belief that guys get more attractive as they age? That being said, it’s not surprising that second-time grooms are better-looking than their first time down the aisle. 

If you want a more classic look, you can never go wrong with a peaked lapel tuxedo custom-fitted to you. Then, you can bring a change of suit or blazer for the dancing at the reception. 

The main takeaway is to have your suit or tux altered accordingly. Don’t be surprised that you’ll look more handsome as you also know what you want for your style as you age.


Unique and stylish

Like the brides, grooms on their second wedding are usually more experimental with what they’ll wear. They’re more open to patterns, colors, and textures, so you don’t have to stick to the classic black tux. 

If you want to have fun, consider colors like gray, navy blue, or even maroon for your suit. You can also experiment with materials such as velvet or even tweed. 

If you’re having a non-conventional ceremony or the reception calls for something whimsical, you and your bride can even follow a fun theme like the 90s or go rustic and country. 

Try this guide on what color suit for a wedding if you want to know other color options. 


What To Wear To A Wedding If You’re Over 50?


For brides in their 50s

  • Wrap-style dresses
  • Cotton, silk, and other comfortable fabrics
  • Knee-length skirts
  • Single color scheme for the outfit
  • Neutral colors or dark shades
  • Modest necklines
  • Wide-straps, short sleeves, or long sleeves
  • Comfortable height for the heels or classy flats
  • Dainty jewelry, nothing oversized
  • Natural-looking makeup 


For grooms in their 50s

  • Dark and solid colors
  • Comfortable and breathable fabrics 
  • Classic neckties
  • Nothing oversized or too tight
  • Consider a waistcoat and lose the belt
  • Avoid loud prints 
  • No denim
  • The right length of suit and hem for the pants
  • Sweep hair and check the flattering cut for your facial hair
  • Avoid oversized accessories and jewelry



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear for a second wedding by knowing what is flattering and classy, especially for older brides and grooms.

You can generally wear something simpler as extravagant clothing is no longer apparent for second weddings. However, you and your partner can experiment with colors and fabrics rather than the classic white dress and black tux. 

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