What To Wear After Wedding: Stylish Outfit Ideas

If you’re unsure what to wear after wedding, consider wedding outfit ideas for the reception, post-wedding brunch, and the day after the wedding. We’ll provide bridal dress inspirations and what the groom can wear after the wedding. 

We will also discuss if changing what you’re wearing after the wedding ceremony is necessary. And if you want specific examples for the afterparty, you can read our separate attire guide on what to wear to a wedding afterparty for guests. 

what to wear after wedding


What To Wear After Wedding For Brides And Grooms



  • Consider the dress code and formality of the reception in weddings
  • Brides can wear a dress that is inspired by their wedding dress during the ceremony; you can also have it bustled for more effortless mobility and comfort
  • Grooms can change into a different-colored suit or a stylish jacket and comfortable shoes for dancing
  • Brides are not limited to wearing skirts and dresses during the reception; nowadays, there are many bridal jumpsuits and pantsuits offered by designers in wedding boutiques
  • Bring a stylish but comfortable pair of shoes to move around more comfortably, especially with all the wedding dances at the reception


Post-wedding brunch

  • Some wedding ceremonies happen in the morning, and instead of a lively reception with cocktails, the couple may choose to have an after-wedding brunch rather; a post-wedding brunch may also refer to a final celebration and gathering on a destination wedding before everyone goes home, and for this event, consider the venue
  • You can opt for semi-formal, dressy-casual, or stylish business attire; the bride can wear something comfortable like a lightweight maxi dress or even an elegant romper, while the groom can wear a blazer or a simple buttoned shirt to match the casualness of the bride
  • Brunches can feel hot, so select light-colored clothes and breathable fabrics for your clothes
  • You should also wear comfortable shoes because it’s likely that you’re traveling back home after the brunch, especially at destination weddings where the brunch leads to the airport immediately 
  • Do not wear something very casual as you may still want some photos taken on this after-wedding affair


Next day after the wedding

  • The time and type of event that you’ll have the next day will dictate what to wear after the wedding; it might be a breakfast, a formal lunch, or even a final party to finish the weeklong wedding celebration
  • Consider the venue, time, and season to know what would be practical to wear; will you be dancing or sitting down the whole time only?
  • The bride and groom can even wear matching coordinates on what they’ll wear after the wedding
  • If it’s a simple backyard or intimate celebration at home, you can wear casual clothing
  • You might also be having a final photo session to finish off the events, so the bride might need to wear a dress and the groom a jacket for formality 


Do You Change Clothes After The Wedding?

It is up to the bride and groom if they want to change what they’re wearing after the wedding ceremony. The bridal party typically doesn’t change; they’ll bring coverups like a shawl, jacket, and a change of shoes for more comfortable dancing through the night. 

The bride also typically has her dress bustled, so the train won’t be a hazard when she’s moving around the more laidback and upbeat reception. The groom may also want to switch into a jacket or blazer for comfort. 

Another option is to bring another set of wedding clothes for the reception. Some weddings have different themes, venues, and formality for the ceremony and reception, and you may want to wear something else.


What Does A Bride Wear To The Reception?

Brides usually wear their wedding dress to the reception, except it is bustled or the train is styled to be out of the way. Most brides nowadays even wear a separate dress or attire like a jumpsuit for the reception. 

Overall, there are no rules on what the bride should wear to the reception. However, you can always discuss with your groom if you want coordinating outfits, especially if you have prepared an exceptional performance for the guests. 

And if you’re wearing a ball gown, you can read how to bustle a ball wedding dress for your convenience. 


What Do You Wear To A Wedding After 5 pm?

If the wedding you’re attending starts after 5 pm, selecting an outfit suitable for a nighttime affair would be more practical. For example, opt for dark colors like navy, green, or maroon, whichever suits the theme of the wedding. 

Cocktail attire that is modest and formal should also suit the ceremony, and you can quickly wear the same thing to the reception. But of course, wear something lowkey as weddings are meant to highlight the bride and groom. 


What To Wear To A Wedding After-Party Males?

  • Semi-formal suit 
  • Dark-colored jacket or blazer
  • Buttoned sleeved shirt 
  • Dark and plain jeans
  • Khakis
  • Solid-colored dressy boots
  • Derbys



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what to wear after wedding, and it depends on the type of event and its formality. 

Reception may be semi-formal, brunch can be dressy casual, and the day after the wedding can be relaxed. You can also coordinate attire with your spouse to look stylish, especially in photos. 

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