What To Use To Clean A Tanning Bed? 3 Easy Tips For Newbies!

What to use to clean a tanning bed?

Keeping your home appliances clean is one way to maintain its quality.

And if you are having a hard time figuring out what products you could use to clean your tanning bed, this article is for you!

You will be only needing these household materials in making the cleaning solution:

  • Water,
  • White distilled vinegar,
  • Spray bottle,
  • Essential oils, and
  • Lemon juice,

That’s it! I know you cannot wait any further.

So, scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


What Is A Tanning Bed?

You should know first what is a tanning bed before knowing what materials needed in cleaning one.

The process of tanning occurs when the skin darkens from the light rays of the sun.

With technology, there are artificial ways you can get tanned using a tanning bed.

A tanning bed or sun-bed is a piece of equipment that produces the simulated skin darkening.

And this is done by emitting radiation like the UV rays from the sun.

It emits a combination of UVA and UVB rays to produce a tan in your skin.

These are made possible by the presence of bulbs and UV lamps.

Using their mechanism of skin darkening, the bed quickens the process of producing dark pigments in your skin compared to the sun.

Usually, a tanning bed can have ten to fifteen lamps attached under the bed.

These bulbs consume 100 to 200 watts to operate.


What Are Things To be Remembered In Using Tanning Beds?

Please take note that these tanning beds have health risks in using them.

The wrong operation can lead to someone having skin cancer.

It is recommended that you should regulate your tanning sessions indoors using the tanning bed.

These beds usually emit large amounts of radiation compared to getting tan from outdoors.

Also, never use a tanning bed before turning thirty-five years old.

There is a chance that you can melanoma or skin cancer by tanning prematurely.

In using a tan bed, you should wear proper protective gear, especially in the eyes.

Without wearing one, you can have irreversible eye injuries.

Ensure that your protective equipment is designed for using tanning beds.

It would help if you also covered your sensitive areas like your lips, face, and chest.

These parts of your body usually have thinner layers of skin.

You can go for a protective sunscreen in protecting these sensitive parts indoors or outdoors.

Lastly, avoid using cosmetics and makeup that contain fragrance as these can irritate your skin while using tanning beds.


Things To Use When Cleaning A Tanning Bed

What to use to clean a tanning bed?

Now, you already know the tanning bed and things to be remembered before using one.

It is best to acknowledge its maintenance with cleaning.

In cleaning the tanning bed, you should gather these materials first in making the cleaning solution.

  • Water,
  • Distilled white vinegar,
  • Spray bottle
  • Essential oils, and
  • Lemon juice.

Also, before making a cleaning solution, avoid using ammonia-based products.

Products that contain bleach in wiping away the dirt in your tanning bed.

In making the cleaning solution, follow these easy steps:


Step#1. Gather all your materials

Before starting to make the solution, you should collect all the necessary materials needed.

EasyYou can freely refer above.


Step#2. Mixing it all in

Properly mix equal portions of clean water and vinegar inside a spray bottle.

Make sure the contents fill up the bottle.

Gently shake the solution and tighten it.

Then, you can spray it to the tanning bed by using a clean cloth.


Step#3. Spicing things up

If you are done with the two previous steps, you are given the freedom to add some fragrant compliments to your solution.

Essential oils like lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree can be natural germ-killing agents to your homemade solution.

These oils can kill fungus and bacteria lurking up in your tanning beds.

To use them, add two droplets of the oil to your spray bottle, then shake it properly.

Also, another addition is that you can mix into your solution is lemon juice.

Lemon juice can be a natural bacteria-fighting agent which is commonly used in homemade cleaning agents.

Its acidic nature combined with the white vinegar creates a harsh environment for the germs that eventually die.

Slice a piece of lemon, then add the juice to your solution, and agitate it carefully.

You can notice that the solution is already fragrant and refreshing to your tannin bed.

Regardless, to know more details on how to clean a tanning bed, click here.

That is all.


Cleaning Things Up!

Great! You are already enlightened about what tanning beds are and the things needed to know before using them.

Tanning beds are indoor options for anyone to darken their skin without the aid of the sun.

It has risks like skin cancer that needed to be dealt with care before its usage.

In cleaning them, you only need water, vinegar, a spray bottle, essential oils, and lemon juice.

I hope you find this article, “what to use to clean a tanning bed?” beneficial to your inquiry into using it to clean a tanning bed!

Thank you very much for reading!

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