What To Throw At A Wedding: Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

Those who are wondering what to throw at a wedding can consider four classic options! We will also share fun and creative wedding exit toss alternatives to rice if you want something unique. 

But if you don’t want anything being thrown during your wedding exit, why not have guests line up with sparklers? For safety, please read how to light sparklers at a wedding


What To Throw At A Wedding + Alternatives To Throwing Rice


  • Grains

We all know what is thrown over the bride and groom during their wedding exit: rice. Grains are traditionally thrown during the wedding exit because it symbolizes prosperity and even fertility. 

Showering the couple with rice is a means of blessing them after the wedding ceremony. However, rice is not the only type of grain thrown at a wedding exit. 

It’s also customary to throw sweetmeats or grains covered in sugar at the couple after the wedding ceremony. However, please note the rules in the wedding site as some prohibit throwing anything at the venue to keep it clean. 


  • Flowers, petals, leaves, or herbs

You can wish the newlyweds a happy marriage even without throwing them grains. Instead, toss flower blooms, petals, leaves, or even herbs during the wedding exit. 

They can also be mixed for a colorful, biodegradable exit toss idea. Rose petals come in different colors, and they even add a romantic and fragrant appeal during the wedding exit. 

Add dried leaves, petals from other flowers, or herbs like lavender for throwing at the couple. Most people prefer these for tossing because they are eco-friendly than confetti. 


  • Butterflies or birds

The wedding exit toss can also be done by the couple themselves and not the guests awaiting them. For example, the couple can release butterflies or birds once they arrive at the venue exit.

This wedding exit toss idea is fantastic for photos, and it leaves a lasting impression on the witnesses. However, some people understandably freak out from doves or feel bad releasing butterflies. 


  • Balloons

Another beautiful wedding exit toss idea is to release several helium balloons up to the sky. But while this is fantastic for photos and gorgeous to witness, note that it’s not the most eco-friendly option on this list. 

It’s controversial to release balloons for any occasion because they might end up in the sea or litter pristine places. Wild animals may also encounter and consume the balloons, which can be very dangerous.


What Do They Throw At Weddings Instead Of Rice?


  • Confetti

Confetti can be thrown at a wedding instead of rice. Understandably, you would want an eco-friendly approach, so why not use biodegradable confetti?

They are essentially petals and dried flowers, while some are seeds that grow into wildflowers. 


  • Paper airplanes

Something bigger and easier to clean after than confetti and rice is the paper plane. Paper planes are easy to make, creating a playful vibe for the wedding exit. 

You can also use recycled paper to maintain eco-friendliness. 


  • Coconut flakes

Have coconut flakes thrown at you if you want a traditional white wedding with something white during the wedding exit toss. Coconut flakes are biodegradable, and their smell makes them perfect for beach weddings. 


  • Sky lanterns

If you don’t want rice but want something visually entertaining as balloons for the wedding exit toss, consider lanterns instead. Evening weddings will indeed look magical with sky lanterns, but please check with your area as some prohibit them because of the fire hazard. 


  • Champagne

While champagne can’t be “thrown”, the bottles can be popped open to shower the newlyweds. A champagne shower is always festive, but make sure the couple knows.


What Can I Use Instead Of Throwing Rice?

  • Smoke bombs
  • Bubbles

Instead of tossing anything during the wedding exit, why not align the guests and have them hold sparklers. They will look good in the photos, but if you’re worried about safety, you can use ribbon wands as alternatives. 

Read how to run a wedding rehearsal, so everyone can practice from the start to the end of the ceremony. 


Eco-friendly wedding exit toss ideas

  • Biodegradable confetti
  • Seeds
  • Petals
  • Blooms
  • Herbs
  • Leaves
  • Coconut flakes
  • Rice
  • Bubbles


How Do You Quit A Wedding Ceremony?

  • Light the way with sparklers or candles
  • Have guests hold and wave streamers or ribbon wands
  • Have the guests throw confetti, rice, or other exit toss ideas
  • Have guests blow bubbles 
  • Release doves or butterflies with your partner
  • Release balloons or sky lanterns
  • Use artificial snow
  • Have people ring bells
  • Throw smoke bombs


Creative wedding send off ideas to exit in style

  • Have a getaway boat or car
  • Consider a champagne shower
  • Join a parade
  • Have a firework display
  • Provide an air show


Wedding ceremony toss mistakes to avoid

  • Not asking the wedding venue for rules 
  • Not planning the clean-up for the litter
  • Using non-biodegradable items
  • Not asking the couple beforehand
  • Not planning the safety for items like glitter, sequins, or even fire hazards like lanterns



And that’s it! To recap what to throw at a wedding you can consider grains, flowers, herbs, balloons, butterflies, or even birds. 

Other alternatives include paper airplanes, confetti, coconut flakes, sky lanterns, and champagne. Again, please note the venue’s regulations, and more importantly, opt for eco-friendly options!

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