What To Say On A Wedding Announcement

Those unsure of what to say on a wedding announcement should know the wording of a typical card wedding announcement, newspaper wedding announcement, and even the marriage announcements on social media sites such as Facebook. We’ll discuss the etiquette and help you write your wedding announcements in more detail below.

We’ve also talked about how to make wedding announcements for different situations. And if you’re not familiar with them yet, read what are wedding announcements

what to say on a wedding announcement


What To Say On A Wedding Announcement: Etiquette And Wordings

Before we teach how to announce your marriage ceremony, you must know how to do wedding announcements first. There are three common ways to notify your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. 

You can announce your wedding through an announcement card, via the newspaper, or by posting on social media. Here are what to say and the etiquette to expect on each wedding announcement type. 


Wedding announcement card

The couple often gives wedding announcements through their family and friends using a wedding announcement card. This way, you don’t need to worry about the reach of the newspaper or if some relatives and friends who are not well versed technologically will find out about your wedding. 

Here’s what to write, and you can continue reading below for the announcement card wording;

  • The wedding hosts (some weddings are hosted by the couple’s families, while some couples host their own wedding)
  • Full names of you and your partner
  • Date of the wedding (spell out the month, day, and year of the wedding for formal wedding announcement cards or opt for figures for more laidback weddings)
  • Wedding venue (the city, state, or specific ceremony location of the wedding)


Social media wedding announcements

Some couples make a Facebook wedding announcement to save on postage costs. Social media is widely used by most people nowadays, so that you can tell your marriage plan on popular platforms like Facebook. 

Here are what to include in Facebook wedding announcements to inform your family and friends of everything they must know. Of course, the people in your inner circle should not find out about your marriage on Facebook, and you can use the internet to just reach out to colleagues and acquaintances. 

Furthermore, it’s best to announce the wedding on social media about one week after the marriage ceremony. This way, your dearest family and friends receive the news first in a more formal way than finding it on a Facebook post.

  • [Your partner’s name] and I have tied the knot!
  • We just got married (include formal photos from the wedding)
  • [You and your partner’s name] got married in [wedding venue] on [wedding date]
  • The couple’s families can also do the Facebook wedding announcement as: Our son/daughter has tied the know with [partner’s name] last [wedding date]


Newspaper wedding announcement

Back in the day, wedding announcements are done through newspapers. Internet was not as widely accessible back then, so couples announced their marriage via the newspaper. 

Your wording for a newspaper wedding announcement should be composed of the following: 

  • You and your partner’s full names and occupations
  • Wedding ceremony and reception venues
  • Wedding officiant
  • Names of you and your partner’s parents
  • A brief story of how you met
  • Where you intend to live
  • Honeymoon destination


Examples of wedding announcement


If parents are hosting the wedding 

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

Have the pleasure of announcing

Their daughter’s marriage

Anna Doe


Sam Brown


Tuesday, the first of February

Two thousand and twenty-two

Los Angeles, California 


Casual weddings



Sam and Anna Brown

Los Angeles, California 


Formal weddings

Anna Doe


Sam Brown

Are pleased to announce 

Their marriage

Tuesday, the first of February

Two thousand and twenty-two

Los Angeles, California


How Do You Announce That I Am Getting Married?

You can say your plans of having another wedding celebration, invite your guests to a reception after eloping, or have a micro wedding with your partner and select guests through wedding announcements. Back in the day, the marriage announcement was in newspapers, but couples also use social media nowadays. 

However, the best way to formally announce that you’ve married each other or perhaps your daughter or son has married their partner and you’re the host of their wedding is through a printed card. You can also use this wedding announcement card to invite people to the reception or another symbolic ceremony after you formally tied the knot. 

Some couples might’ve eloped or had a small wedding, so they’d want a more significant celebration. Here are the wording examples: 

  • Just Married! 

Sam and Anna Brown

The First of February

Los Angeles, California

Please join us to celebrate at our reception on

[reception date] in [reception venue]

  • Sam and Anna Brown eloped 

On February 1st in Los Angeles California

View our photos on [platform you choose]

We are also planning on celebrating with all of our family and friends

A wedding reception invitation will be mailed after we have a date


Here’s also how to throw a reception-only wedding if you’re interested. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what to say on a wedding announcement, it’s usually composed of the hosts, you and your partner’s name, wedding date, and venue. 

You can also include reception details if you want a separate celebration after the wedding you just had. Know the proper wording and leave us a comment if you have any questions. 

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