What To Say At A Baby Shower

If you’re hosting and unsure what to say at a baby shower, you can outline your speech or toast in two segments. We’ll discuss how to open the baby shower and express your best wishes to the expecting parents.

You’ll also know the etiquette of what to say at the party. And for the expectations on who must host the baby shower, read who throws the baby shower

what to say at a baby shower


What To Say At A Baby Shower Speech Or Toast


Welcoming remarks

Start your baby shower speech by welcoming the guests, thanking them for coming, and showing their support to the expecting mom or dad. You can also use this time to introduce the other hosts of the party and other people who helped with the baby shower. 

The host should also introduce themselves and mention their relationship with the parents-to-be. If it’s a toast at the end of the baby shower, thank the guests for coming. 


Words of appreciation

The second part of the baby shower speech is to shed light on the guests of honor. Co-ed baby showers honor the mom and dad-to-be, so remember to congratulate and wish the couple well. 

You can give a few remarks on how you think they’ll make great parents and how you can’t wait to meet their baby boy or girl. You can also share some short and funny but sentimental stories about how you think they’ll make the best parents to any child. 

You can end the toast and start the other parts of the baby shower. If this is the introductory speech, the mic can also be handed to the mom or dad-to-be, so they can personally thank the guests for coming. 

Someone else close to the expecting parents, like a family member or friend, might also want to say their congratulations to the couple. This is why it’s essential for the host to plan the baby shower schedule and who would be at the front to give their speeches and best wishes. 


Baby shower speech wording 

Here’s an example of what you can say at a baby shower to show your joy and love to the expecting parents and their baby. You can always modify the speech, but remember not to make it too long or include stories that might feel unnecessary or inappropriate. 

Good morning everyone! Welcome to [guest of honor/s]’s baby shower! I am [relationship to the guest of honor], and I would like to thank you all for celebrating with us. I should also mention [other hosts] for making this celebration possible. 

And to our dear [guest of honor], know that you are loved and supported. Everyone here knows that you’ll make fantastic parents. And to that, I raise my glass to our lovely parents-to-be. Cheers! 


How Do I Start A Conversation At A Baby Shower?

Small talks at the baby shower with family and friends don’t have to be awkward. As the host, you can take the time to welcome and thank everyone for coming. 

Some quick catch-ups on how they’ve been and their families should feel natural. Be specific with your questions to feel the guests feel more at ease and less robotic. 

The expecting mom will also expect questions about the pregnancy, and she can also ask about other parents and their babies. It shouldn’t be scary to think about the conversations at baby showers since many activities and games can act as icebreakers. 

The host can also design the baby shower schedule, so there is little idle time.


What To Say To Expecting Parents?

Here are some tips to know the best way to congratulate expecting parents at the baby shower card or in person:

  • Say congratulations and reassure the parents that they’ll be fantastic and their baby is lucky to have them as mom and dad
  • Show your love and support to the parents and mention that you’ll always be there for them
  • Express how happy you are that they are not expecting a baby of their own
  • Do not give specific unsolicited advice, but instead be supportive of the couple’s decisions during their pregnancy journey (e.g., perhaps they decided on giving birth at home, having the baby’s gender not revealed until birth, etc.,)
  • Mention how excited you are to meet their little one 


What Do You Say When Someone Is Pregnant?

Congratulations are the best thing to say when someone announces their pregnancy. It would help if you never shared any particular advice that would sound like you’re trying to insinuate something.

You might be tempted to share your own lessons and experiences if you’re also a mom. However, unless asked, it’s best to sit back and let the expecting mom talk about her expectations about this new chapter of her life. 


What Do You Write On The Front Of A Baby Shower Envelope?

The baby shower envelope should be addressed formally with the full names of the mom and dad and their address if it will be mailed. But if it’s an envelope you’ll bring to the baby shower; you can write their first names. 

If you’re also giving a book, here’s what to write in a baby shower book



And that’s it! You just learned what to say at a baby shower, which starts with welcoming remarks, honoring the expecting parents, and thanking the guests for coming. 

Small talk at the party should feel natural and remember not to share unsolicited advice with the pregnant mom. 

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