What To Put On A Sofa Table? 3 Gorgeous Ideas

You have three considerations to know what to put on a sofa table. We will not only talk about the specific decorations and items. This article is also a styling guide that every homeowner must check out to spruce up the living room. 

But before we get started, we recommend reading how tall a sofa table is. It’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the ideal table size for your furniture to get the most out of it. And if you get the correct sofa table size, you won’t risk having the space look tacky or too random. 

what to put on a sofa table


What Can I Put On My Sofa Table?


A focal point

When decorating the sofa table, consider having one item as the focal point. This applies to the two types of sofa tables: the console table and the coffee table. The main centerpiece can be anything slightly bigger or heavier, such as a piece of artwork or plant, to catch attention. 


Introduce variety

Place various items over the sofa table, including vases, lamps, frames, a mirror, clocks, or even decorative plates. These items will be beside your chosen focal point to introduce height, so be sure to use different sizes. You can also place three objects over the sofa table because odd numbers in decorating look more appealing.


Consider functionality

It should be easy to create a list of things to put on the sofa table if you consider functionality. Besides aesthetics, remember that the sofa table is in front or behind the couch to hold items within arms reach. Decorate and make the sofa practical with books, sweets, a porcelain tea set, or even an extra blanket underneath if the table has a bottom shelf. 


How To Style A Sofa Table

After identifying what items you want to place on the sofa table, you can start styling and decorating it to match the rest of the living room. There are no specific rules to follow because visual appeal is subjective, and every homeowner is unique. However, here are some fool-proof ways to decorate the sofa table like a professional designer:

  1. Do not place all the items in the middle of the rectangular sofa table; instead, use the sides and layer the decorations towards the center to achieve balance
  2. Consider asymmetry when styling a circular sofa table where one decoration is taller or bigger than the one on the other side of the focal piece
  3. Mix several elements such as flowers, metals, wood, and light
  4. Group the similar items together on the sofa table shelves for a cohesive appearance
  5. Do not overfill the sofa table and make sure that the elements influence the style of the sofa or room

What Do You Put On A Console Table?

Decorating a sofa table behind the couch will give you the option to style it symmetrically or asymmetrically. You can place lamps, plants, ornaments, or even items like organizers to tidy up the living room. Just remember that the console table should not be taller than the sofa itself, especially if it goes behind the couch. 

What Is The Difference Between A Console Table And A Sofa Table?

What is a console table?

A console table is a narrow and rectangular standalone table that is typically pushed against the wall.  But from the name itself, the console table can become a media console or hold items such as a remote for closer access. And when placed behind the couch, it is called a sofa table. 

What is a sofa table?

A sofa table can pertain to the console table behind the furniture, a coffee table in front of the sofa, end tables placed on each side of the couch, or an accent table accompanying the furniture in the living room. The items you can place on every type of sofa table are generally the same and will only differ based on your intended purpose for the table and how you style the room. So where should you place the sofa table?

Knowing how to use a sofa table should help you find the best spot for it in the living room. Perhaps it’s only there for visual impact, or you have the table to hold items for guests and other people on the couch. 


What Can I Put On My End Table Besides Lamps?

The smaller size of the end table is perfect for holding plants, a book or two, or frames. You can also utilize end tables for coasters and snacks for easier access when lounging on the sofa. Just remember to maintain the rule of 3s and introduce variety. 



There’s no doubt that the sofa table helps bring the living room together. And in this article, you have learned what to put on a sofa table. They include artwork, greenery, vases, lamps, frames, a mirror, clocks, decorative plates, books, sweets, a porcelain tea set, or even an extra blanket if yours has a shelf.

Choosing among these items will depend on the current theme of the room and convenience while lounging. For example, frames with photos add a personal touch, guests will feel welcomed with tea sets, and plants bring the room to life. We hope our tips inspire you, and happy decorating!


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