What To Put In The Cabinets Above The Fridge? 7 Amazing Options!

Do you want to know what to put in the cabinets above the fridge? If yes! Then don’t panic because you come to the right place; we’re here to help you out.

You can use tray dividers, cookbook storage, fruit bowls, glass food containers, wooden dishes, put-out shelves, and flowerpots above the refrigerator. The awkward space above the fridge is often wasted, but it’s perhaps the most valuable space in the home to store many things.

what to put in the cabinets above the fridge

We’ll discuss using the cabinet above the fridge and discuss some stylish and decorative ways to make it the most valuable storage space. So without further ado, let’s get started!


What To Put In The Cabinets Above Your Fridge?

The fridge is one of the most valuable items in your home, and it helps you preserve your food. In addition, putting a refrigerator in a suitable place enhances the beauty of your home. You can set different things in the cabinet above your fridge to style and decorate your home. Below we’ve listed what to put in the cabinets above the fridge? Let’s dig them one by one!


#1. Tray dividers

Tray dividers are among our favorite uses if you’re wondering what to put in the cabinet above the fridge. You can use it to store bottles, bakewares, dishes, cutting boards, serving plates, and many other things. A fridge cabinet could be ideal if you need to store bottles like alcohol, wine, or cooking oil. But one thing that should be under consideration is heat. 

With some models of fridges, you will find the heat escapes out from the cooling mechanisms of the refrigerator and freezer, making the cabinet warm. In this case, use preventive measures in deciding what type of bottles can be stored here. 


#2. Cookbook storage

If you cook your meal using cookbooks, store them either on the top of your fridge or piled in the cabinet. It is a great way to utilize the space over the refrigerator while having easy access to your cookbooks. If you want to let them in an open space, keep the display neat and clean or piled them and put something enchanting and decorative on the top to give it a beautiful look. 


#3. Fruit bowls

If you want easy access to your fruit bowl, put it in the cabinet above the fridge. This is an excellent idea if you have a smaller fridge. Even if you have a standard-size refrigerator, then it is also a great idea to use this space. Use some decorative ideas to enhance the beauty of your fridge. 


#4. Glass food storage containers

Many homes have a glass or plastic food containers put on the shelf or wherever in the kitchen. But if you are not one of them, you have to strategically use your cabinets and drawer space to store your food very well. You also put the glass containers on the top of the fridge by naming each container with relevant food. Then, to meet your requirement, move the food from its packing, which gives your kitchen a cleaner and well-organized look.


 #5. Put-out shelf

Install a pull-out shelf set if you do not like installing a swing-out shelf in the cabinets over your refrigerator. These are generally like drawers in the cabinets and will allow easy access to whatever you want without having a ladder to put out things.


 #6. Flower pots

The most stylish way to fill your cabinets on the top of your fridge is to use flower pots. If you love to decorate your home, you must put flower pots in the cabinets over the refrigerator. It will give your kitchen a decorative and beautiful look and enhance the beauty of your house as well.


#7. Wire baskets

Using wire baskets is another way to fill up your space above the fridge. Take wire baskets and store all the small items for many small things. We also keep potatoes, onions and many more things in them. Since wire baskets are see-through, you’ll want to be mindful of what to store. Keep in mind, keep them organized and clean, so they get used very well, and your kitchen will look beautiful and organized.


#8. Colorful storage

One of the most creative ideas for the space above the fridge is to find storage baskets in different colors to give cabinets a beautiful and stylish look without being messy. If you want to try this elegant way to fill the space, consider mismatching your storage baskets a little bit so that they are not only colorful but also different in size and texture. It will give your kitchen a beautiful look. You may also be interested to know about common refrigerator repair problems.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, we’ve answered you about what to put in the cabinets above the fridge. If your cabinets above the refrigerator are not looking or working in an organized manner, try these ideas discussed above. These are all little things that give your house and kitchen a pleasant and peaceful look. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about how many amps does a fridge use and why fridge is not cooling.

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