What To Put In Baby Shower Gift Bags For Guests

There are many ideas to try for those unsure what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests. This list has treats, unique items, personalized baby shower favors, and various things you can put on bags, jars, or boxes for the guests. 

We’ll also discuss how many bags to prepare and what’s a reasonable amount to spend on baby shower gifts for everyone after the party. And if you decided to do DIY baby shower favors only, here’s a separate tutorial on how to make baby shower favors.   

what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests


Best Ideas On What To Put In Baby Shower Gift Bags For Guests

  • Pampering gift sets with soaps and lotions
  • Bottles with flavored oils
  • Selection of essential oils
  • Boxes of chocolates and candies
  • Bags filled with artisan treats like popcorn
  • Tea set
  • Coffee kit
  • Plant growing kits
  • Mini candles 
  • Mini champagne bottles
  • Wine glasses and accessories
  • Tea sets
  • Kitchenware
  • Personalized playing cards
  • Custom bag tags 
  • A set of magnets
  • A set of bottle openers 
  • Jars of flavored sugars or salts
  • Mini pouches and bags
  • Art set with stationery and pens


What Are Usually In Goodie Bags?

The baby shower host usually prepares goodie bags to thank everyone who attended the celebration. The theme and venue of the party can inspire your baby shower gift bags. 

For example, in the baby shower’s color scheme, you can fill the bags with edible treats like macarons. But more than sweets and candies, you can also give guests a kit of customized items to make them feel more special. 

For example, it can be a set of wine bottles with glasses and a handwritten note or custom bottle label for the baby shower. For an overnight baby shower, you can also give guests boxes of pampering items like soaps and scrubs.  


Do You Give Gifts To The Host Of A Baby Shower?

It’s only fitting for the baby’s parents to prepare a gift or two for the baby shower host. It’s a way of showing appreciation for the party they’ve thrown for you. 

You can prepare the baby shower host their favorite fragrance, customized robe or towel, or even a box of their favorite treats. They might also appreciate experience gifts like a spa certificate or a dinner at their favorite restaurant. 

It’s a way to thank them for the celebration, so your gift should be personal. You can also write a note to them and include it with the gift. 


How Many Gift Bags Should Be Prepared?

You should give everyone who attended the party gift bags. Therefore, you’ll make or order the same number of baby shower favors as the guests. 

But for co-ed showers where there might be couples attending, you can prepare one gift per household. You can also order extra favors to give to the vendors and other people who played a role in the celebration. 

Perhaps you enjoyed the cake from the baker, or your photographer took beautiful photos that exceeded your expectations. And speaking of images, your guests might also like to take some as their baby shower favor. 

Here’s how to make a photo booth frame for the baby shower for a unique prop. 


How Many Items Should Be Placed In Each Gift Bag?

The items and treats you’ll put in each gift bag will influence how many pieces should be in each pack. Three favors per bag should be reasonable if they are pricey items. 

But if the treats are not that expensive, you can put more than five baby shower favors in each bag. You can also mix the type of gifts on each set; for example, a pricey mini champagne bottle with affordable accessories. 

Don’t forget that you’ll also allocate a budget for how you’ll decorate and customize the baby shower favors. Maybe you need to print cards, or you’ll add decorations like ribbons and tulle. 


What Can I Use Instead Of Gift Bags?

  • Reusable shopping totes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Fabrics
  • Pots
  • Jars
  • Steel box
  • Wooden box


What Is The Average Cost Of Items In Baby Shower Gift Bags For Guests?

A reasonable budget for baby shower favors would be $1 to $5 per party guest. Therefore, you can compute how much each item will cost on the set to remain within your baby shower favor budget. 

Don’t forget that you’ll also pay for the boxes, bags, jars, and other containers for the baby shower gifts. You still need to set a budget for the games and foods at the celebration, so manage your favor budget wisely. 

Since baby showers usually have under 30 guests, it might be more cost-effective to make the gift bag home instead of buying them at the gift shop. It’s cheaper to buy wrapping paper in bulk than goodie bags which typically go over $10 per 25 pieces depending on the size and design. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to put in baby shower gift bags for guests, including edible treats, pampering kits, or even houseware kits. 

Don’t forget to add designs and personalize the gifts to fit the baby shower theme. You should also include a short note to thank the specific guest for a more personal feel. 

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