What To Look For In A Hair Dryer? 7 Awesome Factors!

What to look for in a hair dryer? First, it would help to look for the features, wattage, types of technology, attachments, and several settings.

Always choose a dryer that is effective as it gently and quickly dries your hair. For your curly or thick hair, you want one that has high wattage ranging from one-thousand eight-hundred watts and two-thousand watts.

What to look for in a hair dryer

There’s so much more to consider, like it should feature three-heat settings, two-speed settings, & a cool shot button. Thus, you enjoy the versatility, thus creating different hairstyles using a similar blow dryer. More than that, it’s better if the hairdryer has attachments such as the diffuser nozzles and concentrator nozzles. Expect it further they will increase the versatility of the hairdryer.


Factors To Look For In A Hair Dryer

So, what to look for in a hair dryer? Here are the factors to consider when you decide to buy a hairdryer.


#1. Technologies used

Hairdryers today feature technologies that offer professional results. So, choose which one you like best from them. The ionic technology conditions the hair as it utilizes negative charge ions. Air passes over the electric current that creates these ions and keeps the hair smooth and healthy. It also reduces frizz and creates less static results. The tourmaline is one technology that creates negative ions and speeds up the drying process while reducing static. At the same time, the ceramic controls the heat to distribute heat evenly and shine while it protects the hair from damage and frizz.


#2. Features

Think about the features of the hairdryer so that you get the best out of your money.

  • Size, weight, and maneuverability. These three features are among the three features to consider. Know how comfortable the hairdryer can be holding and see if your hair is well-balanced.  
  • Switches. The switches should also be easy when you operate them and accessible. Sliding switches feature a handle and may be challenging to use. This is true if they are stiff, do not stick, and lack a grip. The rocker switches demand to push the high end down. They are more accessible when used if you can activate them accidentally.
  • Cool-shot type of setting. The cool-shot setting brings a relaxed air that sets a style in its perfect place. The airflow and multiple heat settings provide you with more control. Moisture from the hair goes away after placing it at its highest settings. A hair dryer is also great when styling hair at lower settings.
  • Diffuser or Volumiser. Dry your curly hair with this hair dryer that features a diffuser and short fingers. It spreads the air and its flow, thereby preventing frizz. A diffuser w/ longer fingers are also known as a volumizer. They add volume in all hair types as heat is directed to the roots.
  • Concentrator. This concentrates and narrows the airflow as you want for it. It promises controlled styling and spot-drying.
  • Turbo. This boost feature or turbo shot increases airflow as the device speeds up the drying process.
  • Removable type of air inlet. This is a feature in a hairdryer with a removable end type of cap. It comes with a mesh filter catching the dust and preventing the hair from tangling in its motor. Clean this up regularly, avoiding debris from building up. This is because it reduces airflow and causes the hairdryer from overheating. This is indeed essential in using various styling products.


#3. Inbuilt safety

An inbuilt safety is more what to look for in a hairdryer. It automatically cuts the hairdryer power that begins to overheat. An older type of hair dryer may feature this safety point.


#4. Wattage

It is not every day that you will be using a hairdryer. However, there are times that you will look at how to style them. The professional hair dryers can go between 3600-watts suitable for everyday use. They may feature wattage between one-thousand three hundred watts to one-thousand eight hundred watts. Use a hairdryer with a higher spectrum end for thicker hair. Use a hairdryer with a lower range for thinner hair. Know how many watts does a hair dryer use


#5. Attachments

Look for a hair dryer with many attachments that include a hairdryer comb, concentrator nozzles, and more. The concentrator nozzle works to straighten the standards as it focuses the air and heat to the specific part chosen.


#6. Multiple settings

It is better to have a hair dryer packed with various settings. For example, see if airflow, wattage, heat styling, and temperatures. All these will help use the product that is not making things complicated.


#7. Hair type

There are various hair dryers to choose from suitable for various hair types. Look closely at a dryer that adds substance and volume to flat and thin hair. Better to choose a ceramic hairdryer as it’s simply an excellent option. It regulates the heat, thereby preventing damage to weak hair strands. Also, a dryer featuring a diffuser works its way on curly hair types. Even an ionic hairdryer will work for curly, thick, dull hair. Also, read about what is the best blow dryer for black hair.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what to look for in a hair dryer. Simply it includes things to consider like the attachments, hair type, in-built safety, technologies used, features, and multiple settings. Thus, you’ll like it using a hair dryer that is worthy of the money you pay for it! Read about the essential things to look for in a hair dryer.

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