What To Include On A Wedding Program: Complete Guide

If you’re unsure what to include on a wedding program, consider five essential elements to create the most informative and interesting wedding program for the ceremony. You will also know how to write a wedding program and what to put on the back of a wedding program. 

And if you want a unique way to create a program for the wedding ceremony, why not learn our easy tutorial on how to make wedding program fans? This project is beneficial for an outdoor wedding where it can get hot for the guests. 

what to include on a wedding program


Here’s What To Include On A Wedding Program


  • Basic wedding ceremony information

The basic wedding information is crucial for those unsure about what to write on a wedding ceremony program. They have the names of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony venue, and the outline of what will happen during the wedding ceremony. 

If you want to save on printing the wedding programs, you can focus on how to write this crucial information. Don’t forget to ensure that the wedding day timeline is easy to understand and, if needed, including the events after the ceremony, such as the reception or after-party, to guide the guests. 

The couple’s name, location, date, and time of the wedding are typically what’s written on the wedding program cover. Then, write the ceremony timeline inside or behind this page. 


  • Write the wedding participants and tradition

The ceremony program cards on weddings also include the participants of the wedding ceremony. For example, the officiant of the ceremony, readers or those who’ll do prayers, and even the bride and groom’s parents to honor them, especially if they invited the guests.

You will also include the wedding party and everyone involved in the wedding procession in the wedding program to help them get recognized by the guests. And if you have musicians and other participants unique to your ceremony, include them. 

Will your wedding ceremony also have specific cultural traditions? Write them on the wedding program with a brief explanation for the guests to understand their meanings and symbolisms.


  • Include explanations and wedding details

Every wedding ceremony is unique, and the bridal elements included in each should be explained in the program. Write any particular wedding detail that the guests might like to know. 

Of course, the wedding program should not be overcrowded with too many words as it might require you bigger or more pages of stationery. Therefore, only include facts related to the wedding timeline, ceremony itself, venue, time, or date of the wedding.

Perhaps you want to mention why you picked the wedding ceremony venue or date. You can also write your wedding hashtag on the wedding program to encourage the guests when they post on social media


  • Dedications

The wedding ceremony program is also an opportunity to honor loved ones who can’t be there. Some couples include a special dedication page for a deceased love one on the final page of the wedding programs.

You can include their photo and a short message to them. If a guests with a significant role to your wedding or marriage can’t attend, you can also create a thank you page to show your gratitude to them.

Do you want to honor your deceased parent? Besides writing them in the wedding program, read how to include a deceased parent in the wedding


  • Wedding program designs

The wedding program should be informative without being too wordy or confusing to look at. However, it should still complement the wedding theme or the elements seen in the wedding ceremony. 

You can use illustrations, borders, decorations, and pictures to make the wedding program look aesthetically better. They can even break up chunks of texts, making the information easier to read.

Just make sure that the design and colors of the wedding program are not chaotic and they’re still cohesive with the wedding theme and color palette. And for couples printing at home, do you know how to make your own wedding programs on Microsoft Word?


How Do You Write A Program For A Wedding?

After knowing what to write on a wedding ceremony program, here’s how you can simplify the process:

  1. Create the wording outline starting with the name of the couple, wedding date, and ceremony venue at the top or program cover
  2. Inside, outline the welcoming words; religious weddings can include a prayer
  3. Write the wedding ceremony outline and flow of events
  4. Include the ceremony participants
  5. Double-check all the spellings, spacings, and if the design of all pages are cohesive


What Do You Put On The Back Of A Wedding Program?

What to write on the back of the wedding ceremony program is a thank you page, especially to the people who helped in the wedding. You can also use this as the dedication page to honor those who passed.



And that’s it! To recap what to include on a wedding program, start with basic wedding information, the participants, wedding traditions, explanations, details, dedications, and even designs. 

However, you don’t need to fill the program with unnecessary details as you have your wedding website for that. The most crucial wording is the ceremony’s outline and the participants’ names. 

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