What To Give Your Bridesmaids On Wedding Day: Best 4

Brides who are unsure of what to give your bridesmaids on wedding day can consider four unique gift ideas. You can give your bridesmaids memorable items, useful items, and sentimental items to commemorate your big day and also thank them for being there for you during the potentially stressful wedding planning. 

You can also read how to make wedding favors since some of them can be customized for the bridal party. Overall, it’s not mandatory, but gifts for the bridesmaids are always fantastic to show your appreciation to them. 

what to give your bridesmaids on wedding day


What To Give Your Bridesmaids On Wedding Day: Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Give personalized bridal party gifts

The bridesmaids’ gifts can be items that commemorate your wedding day. For example, you can give them personalized robes, pajamas, or even mini bags with their name and a small design of you and your partner’s combined names. 

They can use these items while preparing with you on the wedding morning, and they also serve as a remembrance of your wedding day. Furthermore, the gifts will feel more personal since you made an effort to have each piece with a bridesmaid’s name. 

You can even select a style or color that you think best represents the bridesmaid who’ll receive it. And, of course, the gifts can be used for photoshoots with the bridal party. 


Something relaxing for the bridesmaids

Any bride should allocate time on the wedding morning to relax and not just get ready. Therefore, why not get your bridesmaids a pampering gift basket that they can use?

You can easily make a basket with face masks, gels, lotions, perfumes, and other skincare products before having your hair and makeup done. But if there is not enough time in the morning, you can always give them spa gift certificates.

Your bridesmaids will surely appreciate having the time to get pampered. You can even have a spa day with them after the wedding. 


Beauty bridesmaid gift bags

Besides pampering gift baskets or a DIY spa kit, brides who love makeup and beauty products can use their knowledge of various products and build beauty boxes for their bridal parties. You can even put in some makeup products that the bridesmaids can use on your wedding day. 

You should easily find different lip gloss kits in stores to give your bridesmaids something they’ll enjoy doing after the wedding. Some makeup brands even allow you to build your own makeup palette if you want something grander. 

However, brides who are limited in the budget can also go the DIY route. You can buy magnetic palettes where you can put blush, highlighter, and eyeshadows yourself. 


Bridesmaid jewelry gifts

Jewelry will always be a cute bridesmaid gift, and each piece is easy to customize. You can have accessories engraved or use beads with each bridesmaid’s initials. 

Your bridesmaids can even wear them on the processional, so they’ll look more matching. And since accessories can be put in a box, why not include a card and write a personal note for each bridesmaid?

If you’re feeling extra generous, jewelry sets are the trend nowadays where you’ll give a necklace and a pair of earrings. But if your budget limits you, dainty rings or bracelets will still be surely appreciated by your bridal party. 


What Are You Supposed To Give Your Bridesmaids?


Bridesmaid dresses

If the bride can afford to, she can cover the attire of her bridal party. The bridesmaids can shop their dresses in the same bridal boutique as the bride, and it may even save you on costs, depending on the designer’s offer for bridal parties. 


Bridesmaid hair and makeup

The bride is also expected to pay for her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup on the wedding day. But of course, you don’t need to bend and break if you can’t pay for these expenses as long as you communicate your financial limitations to your bridal party. 


Bridesmaid gifts

As for a unique bridesmaid gift, it’s pretty common for brides to give their bridesmaids something to wear or use on the wedding morning, like robes and spa baskets. It can also be something personalized like a monogrammed item or a keepsake to remember the wedding day. 

Read what to wear getting ready for the wedding for more ideas on clothes to give your special girls. 


Do Brides Give Gifts To Bridesmaids?

Brides are not obligated to give the bridal party gifts. However, the wedding party deserves gifts because they have been helpful for the wedding. 

In some weddings, the couple may omit the wedding favors but still allocate a budget for the bridal party gifts. 


How much do you spend on bridesmaids’ gifts?

You can spend anywhere from $50 to over $100 per bridesmaid gift. But of course, talk with your groom regarding the budget, especially since he’ll also spend on his groomsmen’s gifts.


Does The Groom Give Gifts To Bridesmaids?

The groom can give bridesmaid gifts, but it’s more traditional for the bride to spend on her bridesmaids and the groom on his groomsmen. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to give your bridesmaids on wedding day, which can be personalized items, pamper baskets, makeup, or jewelry. 

Ultimately, you know your girls best, so give them something sentimental and unique. Then, allocate your budget wisely to ensure that you’ll still have enough for other expenses.

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