What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Wedding

If you don’t know what to get your best friend for her wedding, consider three things. We won’t give a specific list because every bride is different. 

Instead, you will approach this dilemma as friends do and remember sentimentality in mind for the gift to give your BFF. You can also refer to what a bride needs on her wedding day

what to get your best friend for her wedding


What Should I Give To My Best Friend At Her Wedding?


Something sentimental

When shopping and getting a gift for your bride-to-be best friend, you don’t want to follow the list suggested online. Instead, opt for a more sentimental and personal gift that she will surely cherish. 

For example, maybe you can give her several cards that she can “avail.” Some cute examples include activities and requests with you that she can “cash in” whenever she wants. 

You can also give her a letter that she can read while preparing on the morning of the wedding. You can also talk with the bridesmaids and create a friendship album of your throwback photos leading to her day as the bride. 


Check the registry

When in doubt about what item to give your best friend on her wedding day, refer to the wedding registry. Its information is usually on the wedding website, and buying any item from the registry will surely mean that it will be used. 

While this isn’t as personal since you didn’t hand-picked it, it’s better than giving something that the bride or the couple themselves can’t use. However, registry items are typically gifts that the couple will use after the wedding. 

If you want to give your BFF something for her wedding, maybe you can try to remember if she mentioned a dream item for her wedding attire, for example. 


Bridal gifts

Getting married is a significant milestone, so why not use it as an inspiration as a gift for your BFF’s wedding? Can you sponsor her bridal shower, wedding gown, shoes, or bridal bouquet if you’re feeling extra generous?

You can also plan with the bridal party if you find the costs too expensive on your own. Otherwise, there are many bridal items to choose from without breaking the bank. 

Maybe get your best friend a personalized bridal robe, jewelry, or even champagne. You can also give her makeup or anything she can use on the big day. 


How Can I Surprise My Best Friend On Her Wedding?


Surprise bridal shower

Sometimes, the best gift for a best friend on her wedding day is not an item but an experience. For example, maybe you can surprise her with a bridal shower that follows a theme that she loves. 


Surprise person or wedding vendor

If she has a relative or another friend that she hasn’t seen for a while, they can also make a surprise appearance. You might also book an appointment for her with her favorite bridal designer as a surprise. 


Surprise date with the groom

And if you’re a romantic, consider setting dinner for two between your best friend and her partner. After all, who doesn’t need to destress with all the wedding preparations? 

Do you know that it’s a trend nowadays to combine the groom’s and bride’s showers? Read what is a wedding shower to know more. 


What Is An Appropriate Amount For A Wedding Gift For My Bestfriend?

The etiquette of wedding gifts for your BFF’s wedding is not definite because your financial capacity will ultimately dictate what you can give. After all, gifts should always come from the heart, and there’s no point in getting your best friend a costly check or cash gift if it will set you back financially. 

But if you don’t struggle with money, it’s typical to give $100 to $150 to your close friends’ wedding. On the other hand, if you’re an acquaintance, it can be $50 or lower.


What Does The Maid Of Honor Pay For?

There are no rules on what you must pay for your best friend’s wedding. However, the maid of honor in most weddings typically shoulders the bridal shower expenses.

The bridal party is also expected to pay for their own attire, but the bride typically covers their hair and makeup. However, feel free, to be honest with your financial capacity and talk with the bridal party if you think it’s more practical to share the expenses


How Do I Prepare For My Best Friend’s Wedding?

  • Give the bride a call to check on her and see if she needs any help
  • Accompany the bride with wedding dress fittings
  • Consider having a spa day with the bridal party
  • Make sure that the bridal party is coordinated with what they’ll wear
  • Prepare a wedding kit for the bride that has everything she may need for the wedding
  • Prepare your wedding gift
  • Attend the rehearsal
  • Plan your schedule for the pre-wedding events and the wedding itself
  • Have a plan for the transportation and accommodation for the wedding if needed



Was this guide helpful? We just learned what to get your best friend for her wedding, which can be something sentimental, something from the wedding registry, or something a bride will need.

Ultimately, you know your BFF better than anybody. So always be there for her and lead the bridal party, especially if you’re the maid of honor.

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