What To Get Older Couple For Wedding Gift: 3 Ideas

Those who don’t know what to get older couple for wedding gift can consider three types of gifts. We will even provide specific gift ideas that older couples will surely love for their wedding. 

Furthermore, you can browse our blog for more gift ideas for different types of couples. For example, you can check wedding gift ideas for couples who already live together

what to get older couple for wedding gift


Creative Ideas On What To Get Older Couple For Wedding Gift


Personalized or handmade gifts for older couples

Customized gifts are one of the best wedding gifts for an older couple. Think of items like bags, mugs, dinnerware, or even shirts with their names. 

The couple will surely appreciate handmade wedding presents if you’re feeling artsy. You can give them a framed painting, a mini sculpture, or do the pots yourself. 

Here are some exciting wedding presents that you can personalize or do yourself for an older bride and groom: 

  • Customized or handmade jewelry
  • Scrapbook or photo book
  • Handmade cookbook
  • Art pieces like paintings or mini sculptures
  • Handmade wine rack
  • Customized wine bottle
  • Personalized towel
  • Personalized shirts
  • Handpicked gift basket of their favorite treats
  • Handpicked gift basket of their favorite pampering items


Wedding presents of experiences and activities suitable for an old couple

Even though they are an older couple, you can still give them a gift that is an activity or experience. Get them a reservation at their favorite restaurant or hotel, for example. 

Your wedding present can also be based on a place that is sentimental to them. The older couple might also mean to try certain activities. 

But of course, select a wedding present that would be enjoyable and safe for them.

  • Dinner reservation at their favorite restaurant
  • Book a trip to their favorite place or anywhere meaningful such as their first date location or the place where they met
  • Wine tasting
  • Classes that they might enjoy like cooking or craft-related activities
  • Couple’s massage or any spa treatment
  • Tickets to watch a game or show they love
  • Photoshoot session


Donations to charities that mean to the older couple

It’s unsurprising if an older couple getting married requests no wedding presents. Instead, however, they might mention a charity close to their hearts. 

In that case, your wedding gift can be a donation to a charity or organization. Get the list of important charities to the couple, and consider donating or volunteering. 

Here are some charities that couples are usually including on their wedding website instead of having a registry:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Salvation Army
  • Feeding America
  • Americares
  • American National Red Cross 
  • American Cancer Society
  • Feed The Children
  • Nature Conservancy


Which One Is The Best Gift For Married Couple?

A married couple, whether newlyweds or recently got married, will surely appreciate experiences or items they can enjoy or use together. Perhaps they are furnishing their home, or you think they deserve something new or a date away from the usual. 

  • Spa appointment
  • Dinner reservation
  • Monetary gifts or gift certificates
  • Embroidered towels or bathrobes
  • Luggage
  • Luggage tags
  • Appliances for the kitchen 
  • Bedroom essentials
  • Wine
  • Meal delivery service
  • Subscription to grocery or entertainment sources

If you want gifts you can give to someone who gets married the second time; you can read what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding. This list is also suitable for older couples or those who seem to have everything, and deciding on gifts for them can be challenging. 


What Is The Traditional Gift For A 50th Wedding Anniversary?

It can be challenging to know what present to buy and give a couple who’s been married for 50 years. However, the 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary, and you can use it as inspiration for your wedding gift. 

Older couples will appreciate golden items for their golden anniversary. Your wedding gift can also be a surprise party or a vacation for two to give them a much-needed break away from routine.  

Here’s how to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary with family for more ideas on the golden party. 


What Should I Get My Mom For Her Wedding?

For children of older couples getting married, it can be confusing what wedding gift to give them to show your love and support for their union. But to give you an idea, if the bride is your mom, you can give her bridal items she can use for the wedding. 

This can mean her wedding dress, hair, and makeup, jewelry, or even part of the wedding costs. You can also offer her a bridal photoshoot or give them their honeymoon as a gift. 


What To Get A Married Couple Who Has Everything?

Older couples or those living together for a while may seem to have everything that it’s challenging to come up with wedding gifts. Therefore, check their wedding registry or consider a monetary present itself. 

They might also have a charity they want their guests to donate to. Or if you’re feeling extra generous, why not treat them with something related to their weddings, like their catering costs or dinner for the honeymoon?



And that’s it! You just learned what to get older couple for wedding gift, which can be experiences, something handmade, or a donation to their honor. 

You can also give them customized presents or a monetary gift. We hope this was helpful; let us know below what you think is the perfect gift. 

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