What To Eat Before Bed To Gain Muscle? 5 Best Foods!

It is a basic practice to eat to build muscle, but what to eat before bed to gain muscle?

Most often than not, each meal is composed of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. As a result, you also tend to eat consistently.

what to eat before bed to gain muscle

But what if you crave at night? It is no big deal to eat another meal, not unless you are on a lean diet.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to scarf down carbs before you sleep. What you need is a portion of protein with healthy fats.

It would not be appetizing to choke another serving of chicken breast or fish for your nighttime craving.

So read until the end to find out some protein options that are not loaded with carbs.


High Blood Sugar And Slow Digestion

If you are craving foods high in carbohydrates, then it can be a hindrance to your goal to lose weight or maintain your body.

As such when you are trying to gain muscle, it would be best to skip foods that are rich in carbs and divert your cravings into protein options.

Furthermore, if you eat carbs before bed, you will be groggy in the morning.

That is because carbs are a fast digestive substance.

Since they can be used by the body rapidly as you sleep, there will be nothing left in the morning for a good start.

More importantly, you need to maintain your blood sugar level by consuming proteins and appropriate fats.

Doing so can burn slowly and induce sleep, all while leaving some energy for the morning.


5 Foods To Eat Before Bed To Gain Muscle

So, what to eat before bed to gain muscle?

Here is the list of the foods that you can easily prepare before bed to gain muscle.


#1. Flaxseed oil and casein

This is an excellent protein supplementation.

It will release amino acids gradually since it takes quite some time to digest them.

Flaxseed oil, on the other hand, is a healthy fat that is composed of many benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, decreasing inflammation, and aiding in satiety.

Just add a small amount of flaxseed oil into the casein so that the absorption process will be slow down even more while you are sleeping.


#2. Avocado and eggs

Eggs are among the most excellent choice when it comes to protein.

This is great for your night craving since it is very versatile.

You can prepare it in various ways.

Particularly, the egg yolk can provide fatty acids that help in regulating hormone levels.

The perfect food to pair with your solid protein option is avocado. It is likewise versatile.

You can add this to a lot of dishes.

You might as well substitute mayonnaise with avocado and season it with salt.

This can make a good protein snack before bed.


#3. Almonds and cottage cheese

You can also opt for a dairy protein such as cottage cheese that contains both whey and casein.

Meaning to say you will get both slow and fast-acting benefits of the two sources of protein.

This is among the ideal sources of amino acids.

Correspondingly, almonds can provide satiety just like any other type of nuts. It is also composed of healthy fats.

This helps slow down the digestive process, which also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

It can be added to many foods, such as in your cottage cheese, for example. The combination is ultimately healthy.


#4. Chia seeds and Greek yogurt

Yogurt is always a part of a fitness lifestyle.

That is because it is composed of active and live cultures that are good for gut health.

Greek yogurt, in particular, contains more protein than the usual yogurt.

It is a great addition to any meal plan.

Chia seeds are included in the mainstream diet of Americans.

The reason behind that is its high fiber and fatty acid content.

Not only that, but it also contains a myriad of antioxidants and quality proteins.

You can add this to any meal by simply sprinkling a tiny portion of your food.

Top your Greek yogurt with one or two tablespoons of Chia seeds.


#5. Peanut butter and whey protein

Finally, here is the most popular option when it comes to protein intake.

This is especially true when we talk about building muscles.

Whey is a good source of amino acids, particularly the brand chain kinds such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

This protein option can be digested quickly, so it is a good supplement for recovery after a workout.

One great way to make the natural fat in your diet tastier is to add some peanut butter.

But you may use any variety of nut butter, including cashew, hazelnut, and almond.

Just mix some nut butter, whey powder, and ice in a blender.

Adjust the water or ice accordingly, depending on your desired thickness.


It’s A Wrap!

What to eat before bed to gain muscle?

First, it is good to go for various protein meal options.

The above choices are good late-night snacks, especially when you are on a lean diet, as they are not high in carbs.

Anyway, if you’re just bored, you can always read something before bed.

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