What To Do With Water Damaged Cabinet Door? 3 Helpful Steps

Immediate response and repair are the ways to consider to address the question “what to do with water damaged cabinet door.” Immediate means you do not have to let it worsen because you have to act as soon as possible.

The cabinet is one of the crucial pieces of furniture that we must have. We can put cabinets in different parts of our home, such as the living area, kitchen, bedroom, and many more.

what to do with water damaged cabinet door

Basically, it is similar to storage where we can put the essential things in our home, making it convenient and helpful. However, we cannot prevent our cabinets from being damaged, especially when exposed to water.

This is why we need to be aware of how we can take care of our cabinets or the processes we need to follow when it is already damaged. It might be simple, but it is indeed difficult to achieve.

To know more about the ideas we can consider in repairing water damaged cabinet doors, continue reading this article to get more reliable information.


Water Damaged Cabinets Doors

Cabinets and its door can be damaged due to their exposure to water, especially when the material used is not solid in some aspects as it should be. Some may experience swelling, chipping off paints, bubble up in lamination, and ruining the finish.

Some materials used for cabinets are MDF and plywood. They are solid and durable, but they are not waterproof, which is the primary concern in this topic.

Moreover, this water can also be a reason for damage to other areas. This moisture spreads to other dry cabinets, cabinet doors, flooring, cupboards, and drywall. 

So now, what would you do if you exposed your cabinet doors to water which leads to damage? Of course, you have to immediately take action and follow it properly so the damage will not worsen.


What To Do With Water Damage Cabinet Doors?

We may think that water is just an element we need every day, but water can be unexpectedly dangerous in reality. No matter what material you use to utilize your cabinet, it will be a mess if you do not adequately care.

If ever you find some proof or signs that your cabinet is already experiencing water damage, it is the time when you need to repair it. Remember that you can still look for ways as long as it is manageable.

Listed below are the few things you need to consider in repairing your water damaged cabinet doors. Make sure to follow it correctly to view its effectiveness.


Step #1. Evaluate the damage

Before proceeding with the primary procedures, you first need to identify how bad the damage is. Evaluate each part of the cabinet, including the door, to determine its condition.

Severe damage may require you to hire a professional service to help you repair your cabinet doors. On the other hand, some damages will require you to purchase a new cabinet as you cannot fix it anymore.

However, you can proceed with repairing the cabinet doors on your own if the damage is not that bad. In evaluating your cabinet, make sure to check each part, including the doors, corners, and firmness of the wood.

Aside from these, you can also check if delamination and deformation are visible, as it is also an essential part of evaluating a cabinet.

If you wonder how you can repair the doors of your cabinet, you can try visiting how to repair water damaged cabinet doors for more reliable details.


Step #2. Look for the source

After evaluating the cabinet, it is the time when you need to identify how the damages happened. Believe it; there are many reasons why a cabinet door is damaged due to its exposure to water.

This procedure can help you figure out the tools you need for repairing the cabinet doors. However, regardless of the water damaged source, you need to remember that you still need to take action that can help you throughout the process.


Step #3. Do repairs or replacement

After the steps mentioned above, it is now time to do the repair process. The repair process depends on the cabinet’s condition and type of sources, so it is essential to do the first two steps.

Water damage causes the separation of the layers of wood. If this happens, you have to remedy and reattach the layers.

Some cases may be complex and complicated and require you to have a replacement. The replacement may be too pricey, but you can guarantee that your cabinet doors will be better in this procedure.

After doing the repairs and replacement, you can also repaint it, depending on your choice, to bring back its original appearance.

If you wish to identify more information about the steps to follow in water damaged cabinets, you can check out how to treat water damaged cabinets at home.



You do not have to stress yourself thinking about what to do with water damaged cabinet door as there are ways you can deal with it. You just have to take it seriously and follow it for an excellent outcome.

It is easy to comply with the procedure as long as you are willing to do it. Remember that it is much more effective if you take action before it worsens, as it is still manageable.

However, it is also advisable to take care and be mindful of your cabinets to avoid any inconvenience.

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