What To Do With Used Candle Jars

Do you have many used candle jars in your home and don’t know what to do about them? We’d like to provide some suggestions on what to do with used candle jars. Many of these uses may be done with candle jars that come with lids. 


what to do with used candle jars

What To Do With Used Candle Jars

Light Tea Can Be Added

Drop a tea light into the candle jar. It will produce a lovely visual effect that may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. If you want to be creative, you may even paint the glass of a transparent jar before dropping it in the light.


Glasses for Liquor

Candle jars are frequently fashioned of thick, attractive glass. It makes an ideal container for whiskey or other beverages. Begin collecting these jars, and you’ll soon have a diverse collection that will look excellent at your next dinner party.


Body Scrub Jars  

Another great way on what to do with used candle jars is using them as a container for your scrubs. Make your body scrub by combining 1 part granulated sugar and 2 parts coconut oil. Then add lavender essential oil, pure vanilla extract, or any other essential oils you want. Then, in the shower, brush it on!


Make a New Candle Out of Old Wax

So, how do you make a new candle using the old wax you have? Simply put all of that wax in a single container. Insert a wick, and you’ve got yourself a brand-new candle.


DIY Candy Jar

Now you can use these old candle jars as candy jars! Fill a couple of jars with your favorite candy. Leave them out on the counter for easy munching or keep them neatly in the cupboard.


Holder for Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Do you have tall candle jars at home? Taller jars make fantastic toothbrushes and toothpaste holders. You can fill it with a mixture of water and vinegar now and then to give your toothbrush a nice cleaning!


Make a New Candle

You can buy wax at any craft shop, melt it down, pour it into an empty jar, insert a wick. You have a brand new candle for considerably less than the price of one from a specialty store. You just saved money and created your masterpiece!


Remove the Last of the Smell

The aroma of a candle stays for quite some time. Instead of removing the wax, just lay your nice-smelling candle on the stove or even on a mug warmer. With these, you can get the rest of the aroma out. 


Pencils and Pens

Candle jars that have been emptied make wonderful pen and pencil holders. Simply set it on your desk and fill it with your favorite writing implements. Make sure your candle jar is tall enough if your things are of weight.


Spare Coins

Drop your spare change into an empty jar at the front entrance or on your dresser to avoid losing it. Then, once a month, count your change and roll it up. Take it to the bank or use it to buy yourself a reward!

Gift of Hot Chocolate

Mason jars have been a trend before, but what about candle jars? It may be used with micro marshmallows or cookie dough to make yourself a hot chocolate powder. If you don’t have a lid for your jar, tie a good piece of cloth over it with twine or a pretty string.


Make Your Bath Bombs

Making your bath bombs is simple and enjoyable. But they are not the simplest item to keep. Make a home for them in an empty candle jar and place it near your bathtub to brighten it up.


Animal Treats

Your pets, like you, need a lovely container for their snacks. Fill a jar with a lid with your pet’s favorite goodies so they are conveniently accessible and will last a long time. Just make sure to thoroughly clean your used candle jar.


Fill it with Flowers.

Making a vase out of a bigger candle jar is one of the simplest ways to recycle it. Fill it with water, then cut the flowers to match the size of your jar. You may always remove the candle label with hot soapy water if you don’t want it to ruin the floral appeal.



Is your cupboard or bathroom counter in a state of disarray? Make it look more professional by labeling one jar for cotton swabs and another for cotton pads or cotton balls. Another for your manicure equipment, such as scissors, nail clippers, and tweezers.


Freshener for the Air

Make your air freshener by filling an empty candle jar three-quarters of the way with baking soda. Then add 5-10 drops of your chosen essential oils. This mixture will refresh any room for approximately a week, after which you may shake it up to release the baking soda.


Elastics for Hair

What lady or guy who wears a hair bun doesn’t have a million hair elastics laying around? These jars are ideal for storing all of the elastics you have in your home’s drawers! You’ll never have to look for elastics again if you keep them in one or two jars.


Preparation and Storage of Food

Glass candle jars are widely used to store leftovers, such as salads and overnight oats. Keep liquids, such as salad dressing, on the bottom layer of the jar. So that the remaining foods don’t become soggy by the time you consume them.


Conclusion on What to Do with Used Candle Jars

You don’t have to get rid of your candle jars just because you’ve used up all of your candle wax. If you’re stuck on what to do with candle jars, there are plenty of options. Try out these ideas on what to do with used candle jars.

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