What to do with Overpowering Loveseat?

Nothing beats unwinding in your comfortable reclining loveseat after a long day at work. But, the disadvantage of having an electric reclining loveseat is that they are more prone to malfunctioning. So, what to do with overpowering loveseat?

Fortunately, the issues they face are frequently minor, and they can be resolved quickly if you know where to look for the source. This means you’ll have to figure out how your recliner’s mechanism works.

what to do with overpowering loveseat

Power Loveseat

Reclining loveseats are an excellent choice for rooms that require a little extra comfort. These loveseats provide the ultimate in relaxation by allowing users to quickly adjust from a sitting position to a comfortable recline.

The ability to recline into a relaxed position is the main feature that all reclining loveseats share. The majority of loveseats are manually operated, but some have power reclining. With the touch of a button, these powered loveseats recline.

What to do with overpowering loveseat? 

Most electric recliners experience a number of common issues at some point during their lifetime. Fortunately, most of them are simple to repair. 

No matter how minor these issues appear to be, you should address them as soon as possible as they can escalate into a much greater issue. Now we will look at some problems and solutions to ensure you always have a fully functional recliner.

Power plugs or wires that have come undone

You might well have disconnected or loosened the plug or wires from the electrical motor if you recently moved your recliner. Even if the power plugs are not damaged or loose, they can occasionally cause your recliner to malfunction.

Your recliner will not work if one of the connections is completely disconnected or damaged. Both are fairly common issues, and the good news is that they may be the simplest to resolve. 

If there is no problem with the outlet, look for any damage at the other end of the wire. If it is loose, partially pulled out, or frayed, it must be repaired.

Power surges cause damage.

Unfortunately, power surges are fairly common and can be extremely damaging to sensitive electronic devices, such as the motor in your electric recliner. If you’re lucky, the power surge only fried the engine’s transformer and not the entire motor.

You can check for this by simply looking at the recliner’s motor. If there is no green light or visible damage, the transformation is dead, which means it will not send power to your motor and must be replaced.

Internal wires that were broken

When you try to adjust your recliner’s backseat or footrest, it sometimes just stops. This could indicate a faulty electrical wire somewhere inside your recliner. It was most likely stolen inside the machine while you were opening or closing it.

A broken wire is definitely to blame if your recliner’s mechanism abruptly stops and is accompanied by any strange, spark-like sound.

 Electrical tape can be used to repair partially damaged wiring, restoring the recliner’s functionality. Broken ones, on the other hand, may necessitate a different approach.

If one or more wires are completely severed, your chair will run out of power. Securing the electric wires to the chair’s frame can help prevent future wire damage.

Other electrical problems

If your recliner isn’t responding to commands, the first thing you should do is double-check the outlet it’s plugged into. Plug in another working device to see if there is electricity inside the outlet. If that one has power, the issue isn’t with your outlet.

While some electric devices are more sensitive to changes in electric flow, they will shut down to protect their internal mechanisms, wires, and motors. Any inconsistency in the surge could cause the recliner to stop working for a short period of time.

 As a result, you should always connect your electric recliner to a power outlet that is protected by a surge and overload protector.

If the outlet is working properly and your unit has a battery backup, unplug your recliner and test it for other electrical problems. 

If the battery and wires are in good condition, there could be a problem with another electrical component. Internal power supply, hand control, lift motor, relay boxes, heating, and massage elements are among them.

Check all of the electrical parts for damage, as any of them may have been fried as a result of a power surge or overload. It’s also possible that multiple parts have been damaged, which can be an expensive repair.

Interacting with a professional

If you tried other quick-fix methods and were still unable to resolve your issues with your power loveseat, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Contacting the seller or manufacturer is the quickest and most secure way to get professional assistance.

If your recliner is still under warranty, you may be eligible for free service or replacement. Their experts can assist you in locating the original parts for your recliner to ensure its longevity and dependability.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to repair your recliner yourself, you should contact the manufacturer or seller. They will be able to point you in the direction of the appropriate recliner repair service, which may be able to provide you with additional guarantees. 

If your recliner is no longer under warranty, you can look for a highly rated local expert to assist you in resolving the issue.


Power loveseats strive to use a relatively simple operating mechanism. Repairing your overpowering loveseats  can be simple once you understand how it works. Here are some easy ways on what to do with overpowering loveseat.

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