What To Do With Old Water Heater? 6 Best Ways!

What to do with old water heater? You can recycle it, so it goes to the nearest recycling center. Make it a grill or smoker, a solar water heater, or a planter.

Honestly, you can think of many things to get rid of it or reincarnate it somehow. Repurposing or recycling is better for the environment, so think about this before deciding what to do.

What to do with old water heater

Prepare to dismantle and scrap it yourself. Repurpose it carefully to carry it on and use it to serve others. So, let’s look first at the options for repurposing, recycling, and disposing of.


Ways To Do With Old Water Heater

Below are ways to consider on what to do with old water heater:


#1. Local pick-up from the government

Certain areas may offer services to pick up your old water heater in your home. But, be prepared to pay for the cost of doing it. So, it’s better to check it first.


#2. Recycling center

Rely on a lot of recycling centers to remove your old water heater. They dismantle and sell them as scrap metals for reuse. Also, the water heater is manufactured using steel, copper, and brass attachments, while other centers pay for a rate for the old water heater. Some would price you to collect or enable you to drop it off at a location. It differs from one state to another, considering the laws surrounding the selling of scrap metals. Get ready to provide your vehicle details, photograph, ID, and fingerprints. Check their requirements with the recycling centers before sending off the old water heater.


#3. Charity

Your interest is to upgrade an old water heater to replace a new model. Donate your old water heater if you believe it’s still working well, as this will give a less fortunate one the edge of using the old heater. You will benefit by claiming a tax donation for the charitable work.


#4. Scrapping

The water heater is manufactured using different metals. Sell the brass and copper you detach from the heater and sell them as scrap, as this enables you to earn money that pays for the new water heater. Check the pipes with iron with magnet use. If it still sticks, it does have iron. If it falls off, it doesn’t. A non-iron tube is more likely to be brass or copper.

The heater interior is more likely to have copper wires that you can remove. The fittings are also sellable in this case. Scrape away the corrosion to see what you can find there. The gas regulator or gas control valve is one more item to sell in owning a gas water heater. Bring it to the nearest scrap yard and see the amount you could get. IDs are needed when you sell the old water heater to the recycling centers.


#5. The sale or advertisement for disposal

Put a sign when you want to put off your old water heater for sale, as this tells by-passers that the device still works. You will get more instead of just giving it away. One more way to advertise it is through Craigslist or local press. Use social media, like Instagram, Facebook, and selling sites like eBay.


#6. Reinvention

Use an old water heater to serve its other purpose. Firstly, make it a grill or smoker if you want. Since the water heater is cylindrical, turn it into a smoker or grill for the backyard, as this is a bit time-consuming and requires welding knowledge. The thing is, the design can still be straightforward. Cut it anywhere you want, like horizontally or vertically. Attach some handles, hinges, legs, and it’s more ok to go. Or, attach the wooden ledge and wheels functioning as the table.

Secondly, make the old water heater a solar water heater if you want. Ensure the old tank does not leak, saving you more fuel bills. The solar water heater uses the power of the sun. Thus, you could pre-heat the water to feed it into the hot water tank using a cold water inlet. Therefore, the tank does not require much work heating the water needed. Nevertheless, take the outer casing of the tank off while you remove the heater’s insulation. Use black paint that can resist heat. After that, create a box big enough to encase the old water tank. Cover the interior with some reflective material. Cover the front or top with a substantial dual-pane window or polycarbonate panels like those in greenhouses.

Monitor the pressure relief valve if you still need it. For sure, you don’t like to experience overheating accidents. Connect the new and solar-powered tank to the water heater, as this will set you off to go. Thirdly, make the old water heater a planter for your garden. Rain boots and kettles would turn to tires and high heels. Use it to create the best feature in the backyard. Or, if you want, cut it in half or just sections. Then, get creative to sculpt the patterns from the side. Fill it with plants, veggies, and soil for the next barbeque party. You may also be interested to know about How long does it take a water heater to heat.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn many things about What to do with old water heater. Follow the above-mentioned things to easily remodel, repurpose, and dispose of it. For sure, it’s going to be exciting on your part doing it so. You may want to read related articles; know how to clean calcium out of the water heater and when to replace the water heater.

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