What To Do With Old Water Heater Tank? Amazing Things To Do!

The question is: what to do with old water heater tank? Right here, you’ll find the best answers to feed your curiosity. There are a few amazing things that you can do; all of these are mentioned below, so you better read further. 

When your old water heater tank becomes too old, you need to send it to recycle house. You may reuse it in many ways, you may donate your water heater, and you can scrap it by yourself and may earn money. These are just a few things you can do with your old water heater tank.

what to do with old water heater tank

Throwing an old water heater is generally the last idea that comes into mind whenever a user discovered he needed a brand new water heater. Regardless, users possess two water heaters: one new and one old. And most of them consider purchasing their new water heater from a firm specializing in selling and installing them. This is not yet over, friends; you better keep reading to learn more!


Reuse The Old Water Heater Tank

There are several excellent options for repurposing an old water heater. Numerous positive stories have been published, and the ideas will only restrict you. The following are among the things users may wish to do. This helps you understand what to do with old water heater tank.


#1. Make it grill or barbeque stove

Because of their cylinder design, water heaters are ideal for use as a barbecue or smoker in the garden. Although this construction will require much effort & metalworking skill, the concept itself is simple. Easily cut it in whatever direction you choose — vertically for a barbecue smoker or horizontally for a grill — and you’re done. Once you’ve added some feet, joints, and grips, you’re ready to go. One might even take it further by adding casters and a wood ledge to function as desks.


#2. Build A Solar-powered heater

You may save fuel by building a solar water heater if the existing tank does not leak. You may warm the water using the sun’s energy and put it into the hot water tank through the chilly water intake. As a result, the tank will not have to work as hard to heat the water you use. The exterior shell of the tank must be removed, as well as the insulation. Coat it flat black using heat-resistant paint. Next, construct a box big enough to contain the old water tank and line it with a bright substance on the inside. Recheck the pressure relief valve since it may still be necessary, especially for those who live in a hot climate. Users wouldn’t want any mishaps or excessive heat. You may also be interested to know about reasons your home should have a solar water heater.


Recycle Your Old Water Heater Tank

Numerous recycling centers will accept an old water heater tank. They frequently deconstruct them and recycle the scrap metals to create new goods. Steel water heaters with copper or brass connections are the most common. Some facilities will give you a set price for the old heater, while others may cost you a pickup fee or enable you to take it off yourselves. 


Give It In A Charity 

Many consumers want their water heater tank updated because they require extra hot water than the current unit could provide. You might be allowed to give the water heater away if that still operates and has been in excellent condition. Please inquire whether the local Charity or other contribution organization accepts functional water heaters. Users would not only be able to help people in distress, but you’ll also be capable of making a tax-deductible gift when they do.


Old Water Heater Tank Can Be Scrapped

The best approach is to disconnect the gas regulator yourself and resell it. This will undoubtedly get you the most fantastic deal, particularly if you have any experience. Many junkyards provide special pricing for regulators if you don’t feel safe selling it yourself. In any case, the regulator is likely to get the most money out of your junk. Heating components in electric water heaters are often composed of zinc plated copper and stainless steel. They’re hidden behind the tank’s top and bottom accessible plates and should be pretty simple to replace.

You may scrap the old water heater manually and sell its non-ferrous materials if you are ready to put in some effort. Due to the apparent regulator, gas water heaters seem to be more valuable, but electric types are equally worthwhile. Inspect the connectors and pipes leading to the water heater from the top of the tank. Make use of a magnet. These pipes were constructed of iron if the magnet sticks to the metal. 

If not, they’re probably made of copper and brass and could be repurposed. A hammer will do the trick if you can’t get them out with a screwdriver. When nothing else works, use a saw to chop them off. Use a blade or even a screwdriver to double-check all connections when you complete. Corrosion causes brass fittings to become unidentifiable. They can be tough to detach with a pipe wrench; they usually come loose with a few sled hammer blows.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned what to do with old water heater tank. You may reuse your heater, donate it and earn money by scrapping. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean water heater and how to turn up heat on water heater. Thank you, friends, for reading this article.   

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