What To Do With Old Bed Pillows? 7 Best Ways!

Are you wondering what to do with old bed pillows? Don’t just dispose of them, my friends. These things can be useful for you.

As you read along, you will be surprised that you can make something out of old bed pillows.

Indeed, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that you should replace your bed pillows every year or two.

It may seem long, but bed pillows do wear and tear.

Given the fact that you use these pillows every day, they can have unpleasant substances.

Your pillow surely has skin oils, saliva, dead skin cells, makeup, and even mold and dust mites, just name it, my friends.

So, what will happen to these old bed pillows?

In this article, you’ll learn how these things will not end up in landfills.


what to do with old bed pillows

What You Can Do With Old Bed Pillows?

Don’t fret, my friends. Here’s what to do with old bed pillows:


#1. Floor cushions

Perhaps, the most practical solution to prevent your old bed pillow to be dumped into the trash is to reuse it.

You can collect a lot of these old pillows to create a larger cushion for your floor.

So, if you’re having a movie party, video gaming, or just a simple gathering with your family and friends, these cushions are sure to be useful.

Anyway, there are a lot of cushion covers that are available in the market.

Putting these old bed pillows inside the cushions can make them look more presentable and newer.

If you want to save further, you can always sew your own cushion cover. In this way, you can also find your desired fabric as well as one that can suit your décor.


#2. Pet beds

How much money do you spend on your pet’s lovely bed?

If you think you’ve spent a lot, it’s time to cut that expense.

Then, get your old bed pillows and use these as beds for your pets.

My friends, this is a practical solution as you can save waste, at the same time, save money.

Maybe you’re thinking that the old pillows don’t look like beds.

You can always repurpose these things. What’s better about this is that the bed pillow already smells like you. Your pet will surely love it.


#3. Packing and moving material

So, these pillows can actually serve other purposes aside from comfort.

You can use this thing as a moving or packing material.

Perhaps, you can store these things in vacuum storage bags for a while.

If needed, then that’s the time when you let it out.

From the moment you have fragile things to ship, these old bed pillows can surely be of great help.

It’s better if you have latex foam or solid memory foam pillows.

Why so? It’s because they’re flexible, which means that you can cut these things in no time.


#4. Throw pillows

My friends, there’s no way you have to pay a lot of dollars for that throw pillow you’ve always loved.

Why not try to make a throw pillow yourself. You can always DIY.

All you have to do is to compress some fillings and create a throw pillow.

Well, you have lots of options and ways to opt for, my friends.

Try oblong bolster pillows or maybe travel pillows, all depends on you!


#5. Drafty doors

Do you know that drafty windows and doors can lead your heater or AC to work through time?

And that’s a total waste of energy, my friends. Just come to think of your electricity bill for that matter.

Well, you can opt for easy DIY projects such as making seal-ups using your old bed pillows.

Now, get your old bed pillows and use them in your external doors or windows.

For sure, it can keep help seal things up.


#6. Gardening cushion

Without a doubt, it’s rewarding to the garden.

However, it can be challenging to sow and weed, especially that the ground seemed hard on your knees.

Instead of having a knee cushion, you can use an old pillow and use it for that purpose.

All you have to do is to double the bed pillows, or maybe, you can buy a fabric that’s outdoor-safe, then make a cover.

After which, you can fill the cover with your old bed pillows. I’m sure, it will be durable enough to hold your hobby.


#7. Donate

My friends, if you’re not fond of using old things, it’s okay.

You can always give these things up. But, don’t throw the old pillows yet.

You can donate these as many people would still want to recycle or reuse old things.

Maybe you can look for thrift stores accepting old pillows; this is for sanitary purposes.

It all depends on you, my friends.


It’s A Wrap

There are many things that you can create out of your old bed pillows.

Remember, not dumping these things into the landfills and recycling them can help save mother earth.

Besides, you’ve already known what to do with old bed pillows.

It’s time for you to do what you think is best.

You have many options, anyway.


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