What To Do With Old Bed Frames? 11 Amazing Ideas!

It is exciting to get a new bed, but what to do with old bed frames?

Do not worry, my friends. You’ll be amazed how you can transform your old bed frame into a newer item.

In this post we will be providing you with amazing ideas to repurpose your old bed frames.

This is quite a long list that you would want to have more old beds to transform into useful household crafts.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


11 Useful Crafts To Do With Old Bed Frames

In this section, you are about to know 11 repurposing ideas to do with your old footboards and headboards.

So, what to do with old bed frames?


Idea #1. Cargo trailer

You can turn your old bed frames into a cargo trailer that can be pulled from behind.

This can be used for hauling anything you need to haul.

It can make a small trailer for hauling different debris such as rocks from around your house.

Plus, it is straightforward to create this.

The bed frame will be used in making the trailer’s frame.

Then, you will need other materials such as wheels.


Idea #2. Garden bench

In just a few hours, you can repurpose your old bed frame into a beautiful garden bench.

This bench will become the focal point of your patio or flower garden.

But aside from using the bench for sitting, you might as well use it to hold the potted plants.


Idea #3. Pet bed

A lot of people like to make a DIY god bed. If you also do, then good because you can use your old bed frame for this.

Whatever bed frame material available can be upcycled into a dog bed.

Your little companion will not only have a new bed, but it will also provide a decorative touch into the area.

For sure, your little pet will love it.


Idea #4. Console table

You can also the old frame of the bed in making a console table.

This table can then be placed on the entryway of your house or behind your couch.

To pull the table’s look together, you will need a plank of wood to be added on top of the frame.


Idea #5. Photo hanger

If you see a photo hanger, it is simply a piece of metal pipe used for displaying photos.

You can do the same with the rails of a metal bed frame.

This repurposed photo hanger out of a bed frame will give your décor a rustic look.

After you clean the old bed frames and paint them, they can be turned into a beautiful picture hanger.


Idea #6. Raised garden bed

An excellent way to repurpose the bed frame is to turn it into a raised garden bed.

You can use this in growing climbing veggies or flowers.

What’s even good about this project is that it can be easily out together.

In just about a few hours, the garden bed will be ready.


Idea #7. Garden bridge

Another great idea to repurpose an old bed frame is to turn it into a gorgeous garden bridge.

This will become the focal point of your garden.

Plus, it no longer requires a creek for you to be able to place it.

You can put it just anywhere in your garden that you wanted to be added with some décor.

This is a simple idea that can step up the look of your garden.


Idea #8. Fencing

A nice garden fencing can be made out of a metal bed frame.

The sides, footboard, and headboard of the bed frame can be cut and used to create a fence.

This fencing will showcase the look of your garden better.

However, using one bed frame may not be enough so that you can check from the thrift stores for more.

You may use varying bed styles.

Just use the same color in painting them to achieve the same outcome.


Idea #9. Coffee table

Turning a bed frame into a coffee table does not require plenty of tools nor high woodworking skills.

However, this idea can be a bit extravagant.

But it will surely be worth it since a lot of conversations will be made at this table.

Both glass or wood can be used to top the frame.


Idea #10. Flower bed

A flower bed is still a bed.

Your wrought bed frame can be used as a flower bed.

You have to put it in your yard and then plant some flowers inside it.

For sure, the result will be absolutely stunning.

This will even help you in organizing your garden.

In an instant, you can make a beautiful focal point in your garden.


#11. Bench or planter

If you have an old frame of a bunk bed, then you can make good use of it on the patio or garden.

It is effortless to do this planter or bench.

In fact, nothing much is needed to be done.

You have to remove the bunk bed bottom and then use its top in building the planter boxes.

Then, make the bench out of its bottom, and you are done.


It’s A Wrap!

By now, you surely have already realized what to do with old bed frames.

The list is long, but it can go longer.

Use your creativity in repurposing those old bed frames.

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