What To Do With Marriage Certificate After Wedding

If you’re unsure what to do with marriage certificate after wedding, you can apply for identification with your new name. We will also discuss what needs to be done with the marriage license after getting married to avoid issues. 

And, of course, you should be aware of the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate, which we will compare below in more detail. And for the checklist of what needs to be done after the wedding to ensure a legal marriage, read what to do after a wedding

what to do with marriage certificate after wedding


Everything To Know About What To Do With Marriage Certificate After Wedding

Please learn the marriage laws in your state to know the best steps to take with the marriage certificate after the wedding. For example, you can apply for identification with your new name since you’re now married after you get a copy of your marriage certificate in Massachusetts

Most couples also do this after getting their marriage certificate to get all their IDs early for convenience. It’s recommended to start with your Social Security card, then the driver’s license, and the US passport. 

You can prepare all the other documents in time by doing all the IDs immediately after the wedding. Perhaps you will go to another country for your honeymoon and want your new name to reflect on your IDs. 


What to do with the marriage license after the wedding?

Another important document for the wedding is the marriage license. After the wedding ceremony, your officiant should file the marriage license with the city or town clerk. 

This is why it’s essential that if you want someone to perform your wedding, they know the responsibilities, like filing the marriage license afterward. Furthermore, your officiant should be recognized and legal to marry you and your partner for the wedding to be valid. 

In some states, you can keep or change your name after marriage. However, if you prefer to change it, you must include the new one when filling out the marriage license before the wedding. 

This way, your name will automatically change to what you listed on the certificate after the wedding for your convenience. Overall, be aware of the laws in your state to avoid any issues, especially with marriage licenses and certifications. 


How Long Can I Get A Marriage Certificate After Wedding?

After you complete all the requirements, especially the officiant filing the license to the county where you’ll get married, the waiting period for the marriage certificate varies. Typically, it should take a few weeks after the wedding. 

You will get the marriage certificate in the mail, so don’t forget to check it occasionally. But what if your officiant fails to file the marriage certificate?

In this case, will the marriages be invalid if their officiant fails to have the license recorded with the county? According to Gordon Family Law in California, you would still be married under California law even if there’s a failure to send the marriage license to the County.  


How long to wait for a marriage license?

You can receive your marriage license after a few days when you apply at your county clerk’s office in the state where you’ll get married. However, be aware that marriage licenses usually expire after 30 days once they’re issued. 

Different states vary in the waiting period from the license’s date of issuance until the wedding ceremony date. For example, places like Illinois have a one-day wait period, while it takes five days in states like Minnesota and Ohio.


Marriage License Vs Marriage Certificate

You must complete all the necessary documents before and after the wedding. And the two most common documents often confused by couples are the marriage license and the marriage certificate. 

To know what to do with them and where you must take them when getting married, here are their definitions:  


Marriage license

The marriage license is a document you must accomplish before the wedding. You’ll get it from the country clerk before you can legally get married. 

By obtaining a marriage license, you can have a valid wedding ceremony proving that you’re following the marriage laws in your state. However, it does expire, so you must have the wedding before it does, or you’ll need to reapply. 


Marriage certificate

A marriage certificate is a document you’ll get after the wedding. It serves as proof that you and your partner are legally married. 

You will sign the marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony. And depending on your state’s laws, it also requires the signature of the witnesses and the officiant. 

You can read who can witness a wedding for more details regarding this requirement. 


Where Do I Get A Certified Copy Of My Marriage Certificate?

You can get a certified copy of your marriage certificate by contacting the state vital records office. They will direct you to the county where it was issued. 

You will pay for the cost and provide the needed information. Then, you should get the certified copy online, in-person, or via mail. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to do with marriage certificate after wedding, where it’s common to start applying for new IDs for your name change. 

Furthermore, we hope you remembered how to get a copy of the marriage certificate if you lost it. And, of course, make sure to accomplish your marriage license before getting married. 

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