What To Do With Dried Wedding Bouquet: 4 Best Ideas

If you don’t know what to do with dried wedding bouquet, do not just throw it away. Instead, consider making home decor, using it as designs, spray, or even scent. 

We will discuss these projects in more detail below, but we promise they are all easy to do. Do you also have other wedding items that you want to upcycle?

what to do with dried wedding bouquet

For example, we’ve provided options on what to do with an old wedding dress. Feel free to browse our wedding blogs for more. 


What Can I Do With My Dried Out Wedding Bouquet?


Home decor

Dried flowers can look gorgeous as home decor. There are many ways to transform it, but floral wreaths and framed flowers are the two simplest yet beautiful ways to display your dried wedding bouquet. 

 It should be easy to make your wire hoop or buy a ready-made one from the craft store. Then, arrange the bundles of dried flowers on the hoop to your liking, ensuring that the wire will be hidden well. 

If you want something more sentimental, you can press select dried flowers inside a book for a week or two. Then, arrange them inside a picture frame and include other small items and keepsakes during your wedding for unique memorabilia.


Art and crafts designs

The wedding bouquet can be deconstructed and used as designs for other projects. You can also make more pressed flowers for your journals and scrapbooks or even decorate a photo album with your wedding memories. 

Another fun way to upcycle your dried wedding bouquet is to use some pieces for invitations, cards, or decorating gifts. And if you’re feeling extra crafty, play with resins and make pendants and other decors with the dried flowers. 


Scented spray

Even if the wedding bouquet has dried, the flowers should still have some scent that you can use for making a natural spray. You can use it for your room or even as a gift, considering it’s also visually appealing. 

All you need is an empty mist bottle, distilled water, your favorite essential oils, alcohol such as vodka, and some tape. Then, pour the water for about three-fourths of the bottle and add about 25 drops of essential oils onto it. 

Pour the alcohol into a bottle for a ratio of an ounce per 6 ounces of water. Then, cut flowers with stems from the bouquet that you can insert inside the bottle.

Close the bottle, mix the components, and rearrange the stemmed flowers to look more aesthetically pleasing. And that’s it; your DIY floral scent is done.  


Bath scent

Besides a DIY mist, you can also make a bath scent with the flowers of the dried wedding bouquet. Some flowers are very relaxing for bath salts and bath bombs, and you don’t even need to spend much on the ingredients. 

For quick floral bath salts, you only need equal portions of Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt. Then, mix them with half a cup of baking soda if you used a cup of each salt. 

Combine the mixture with the flower petals from your dried wedding bouquet with a few drops of your chosen essential oils, and you’re done. But if you prefer relaxing on a tub, a DIY bath bomb is also relatively easy to make. 

Start with mixing Epsom salt, baking soda, corn starch, and citric acid, and in another bowl, combine coconut oil with your preferred essential oil and water. Mix the dry and wet ingredients so the texture will be like damp sand, then pour it into a mold with the flower petals of the dried wedding bouquet on the bottom. 


How Long Do Dried Wedding Bouquets Last?

A dried wedding bouquet can last as long as a year, but it’s even possible for it to last longer when the flowers are dyed. In comparison, a fresh wedding bouquet can only last for a week to ten days. 


How Do You Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Forever?


Dry it

Dried flowers last longer than fresh flowers. You can plan to dry your wedding bouquet by unwrapping it and hanging the flower stems one by one upside down. 

Select a dry and temperate area and let the flowers air-dry upside down for a week. Consider a closet to dry these flowers safely. 


Preserve in wax

It’s possible to extend the life of a wedding bouquet for several months with their color and form still intact. First, melt some paraffin wax in boiling water and select the flowers in good condition to dip in the slightly cooled mixture. 

Do not dip the flowers for too long to prevent wilting. Then, hang the dipped flowers upside down and allow them to dry. 


Use silica gel

Pour silica gel inside a secured and airtight container and have the flowers from the bouquet on this sand-like mixture. Then, pour more silica gel around the petals without deforming the flowers. 

Seal the container that is full of silica gel and preserve the flowers for a week. This will help prevent mold and preserve the color of the flowers that you can spray with hairspray after taking them out. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to do with dried wedding bouquet in four DIY solutions. 

For one, you can make a wreath or frame them as home decor. You can also press flowers for decors or make scents and mist from the petals. 

It’s easy to put the bouquet to good use; leave us a question if you have any. 

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