What To Do With Curtains That Are Too Long? 3 Best Options!

Do you want to know what to do with curtains that are too long?

Well, we are here to help you out with that one.

what to do with curtains that are too long

One thing that we can do to help you out is to provide answers to your questions.

Curtains are indeed great and a must-have in one’s home.

It gives more volume to the house.

It serves a lot of purposes, which is why you should have this one in your house.

Giving you privacy, protecting you from too much sunlight, and making your room look beautiful are just a few examples of its purpose.

Now, if you happened to buy a curtain that is too long, you should not just use it or else it’ll look not good.

We have here options to share with you; you can then choose the best option and stick to it.


What To Do With Your Curtains That Are Too Long?

When you buy a curtain, you should consider a lot of things, and that includes the length of it.

If you happened to buy a curtain that has a longer length than your windows, you can’t just leave it like that.

It will turn dirty in few days, or it might get ruined, especially that it touches the floor.

You can accidentally step on it, or your pets might be able to scratch and pull it without you knowing.

So, what to do with curtains that are too long?

Here are some options for you:


Option #1. Fold and clip

This first option is too easy for you; you can do this without any challenges and worries.

The very first thing you need to do is to find and buy clip rings.

Yes, clip rings are the ones you will need.

Clip rings are suitable for curtains that you have no plans of sewing.

The rings are for hanging purposes.

These clip rings have a lot of variation, and it has different colors you can choose and try out.

It will depend on the color of your house and curtains.

So that should be considered, or it will look odd.

Black is an excellent option because you can play any color with it, and you will have no problem.

Measure your curtains to the length you want them to be.

After that, mark the area where you should fold.

Fold the markings on top make sure that you fold the extra going to the back to hide it.

You can then put clip rings on it, leaving about 6 inches of space between each clip ring you will put.

The number of clip rings should be reasonable on the width and weight of your curtains.


Option #2. Cut and sew

This second option is where you should apply excellent skills and presence of mind, for it will be a bit challenging.

What’s nice about this is that it will be permanent and ensure that it will work better.

As soon as you have measured the window as to how long your curtains should be, you can mark it with a tailor’s chalk.

You can then cut the curtain right on the mark but be sure to cut it straight and leave some allowances.

It will be essential when you sew your curtains.

First, fold it going in, and then you can start sewing.

Do use a thread that has the same color as your curtains.

You aim to make it look refined and pretty.

As much as possible, please do not take any step that it would be evident for visitors to see that you diminished something on it.

You can use any sewing method, but it should be clean, and it should look like nothing happened.


Option #3. Fold and tape

This last option for you might be easier than the second, but it can also be permanent without sewing or cutting.

Yes, you read that one right.

No sewing or cutting is needed in this option.

You need to measure again how long your curtains should be and mark them at the bottom part.

Make sure to leave about 3 – 6 inches long after the end of your window’s frame.

That will be an overhang that you need to have.

Mark it again with any marker for fabric that you can wash easily.

You will not use just tape but hemming tape.

It is said to be permanent, and it could last longer.

Even when you get it wet, it will still stay, and it would look good and serve looks you do not expect.

Fold your curtains going to the back from the marked line, and then put the hemming tape there.

Then do what you need to do to apply the hemming tape, then let it rest for a little while.

You can then hang it again as if nothing has happened because it will look pretty and unbothered.



And we are now done with our article.

We hope that you have learned a lot with us today and that you can apply your learnings.

Now that we answered, what to do with curtains that are too long, you sure do have an idea about it now.