What To Do With Candle Jars

Many candle enthusiasts question what to do with old candle jars when the wicks have burned out. Most jars made of transparent soda-lime glass may be recycled. So we will talk about ways on what to do with candle jars.


what to do with candle jars

Many candles utilize different types of glass to boost heat resistance or add colors to give the glass an appealing appearance. Don’t throw away used candle containers that have chunks of old wax trapped in them. It’s a quick and simple technique to get those containers spotless. 

Simply bake the containers on low heat until the wax falls out on its own. This is significantly more cost-effective and waste-free. You don’t have to buy new containers every time you want to undertake a candle-making endeavor. 

You may also save containers that match your design, repurposing them into vases, little storage jars, and other items. Furthermore, these containers should be so clean that you could give them away as presents. So, let us go into different creative ways on what to do with candle jars.


What To Do With Candle Jars

Food preparation and storage

Glass candle jars are frequently used to prepare dishes for the next day, such as salads and overnight oats. If the jar contains liquid, such as salad dressing, keep it on the bottom layer. So the remainder of the items don’t become soggy by the time you eat.


Reduce your use of plastic when shopping.

Most buyers grab the nearest plastic bag to contain their dry beans, grains, and other bulk products from the grocery. Bringing a jar to the grocery store is a convenient way to preserve dry products. It can also hold other sorts of food, like meat and cheese.


Place fermented food

Candle jars with lids, such as the ones seen above, are perfect for fermentation if the glass is food safe. Kimchis, sauerkraut, and fire cider are all excellent choices. A bigger jar without a lid might be used to keep a kombucha scoby wrapped in cheesecloth.


Stocks, soups, and smoothies can be frozen.

The most essential thing to remember when freezing glass jars is to leave enough room at the top. It is because what’s inside expands as it freezes. The ideal jars are those with a wide opening, and the choices are virtually limitless.


Make a New Candle

As long as the smells don’t clash too much, combining the residual wax into new candles is okay. It is one method to utilize all of the remaining wax in your candles, as well as the jars themselves. One simple method is to gather the wax on the baking plate after baking candle jars to clean them.


Put some flowers in there.

One of the simplest ways to recycle a larger candle jar is to make it into a vase. Simply fill it with water and trim the flowers to fit the size of your jar. If you don’t want your candle label to harm the flowery look, you can always remove it with hot soapy water.


How To Clean Out Leftover Wax in Candle Jars

Method #1: Fill the Candle Jar with Boiling Water

If you’re still not sure what to do with candle jars at home, you can clean it first. This process melts wax significantly using very hot water and allows it to solidify into a disk at the top. You might have seen this on social media. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Make sure it’s at a full boil! 

Half-fill the container with hot water. Water will melt much of the wax, and the liquefied wax will reach the surface. Allow for a few minutes for the rising wax to solidify as a puck above the water.

Wax is less dense than water and will float when mixed. Pour away the water after removing the wax puck. If there is still a significant amount of wax remaining, repeat the process. 

Small quantities may easily be removed using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. You can also do it by scraping it with a tool. What about the sticky residue from the glue or sticker that kept the wick in place? 

You may remove it by immersing the bottom in white vinegar. Do this for 40 minutes or scrape it with a tool. Using hot water and dish soap, clean the interior of the candle.


Method #2: Put the Candle in the Freezer

This approach makes use of the fact that wax shrinks when it is cold and expands when it is heated. Freeze the candle for 2 to 4 hours or overnight. Remove from the fridge or freezer and begin removing the wax from the bottle right away.

It should be quite easy to remove and slightly fragile. When the wax has melted into a liquid, dispose of it in the trash or pour it into a secondary container for reuse. Once the wax has been removed, use a tool to pry the wick tab off the bottom.

How about the sticky residue from the glue or sticker that kept the wick in place? Again, you may remove it by immersing the bottom in white vinegar for 40 minutes or scraping it with a tool. Using hot water and dish soap, clean the interior of the candle.


Conclusion on What to Do with Candle Jars

You don’t have to throw away your candle jars now that you have used all your candle wax. There are many ways to think of if you don’t know what to do with candle jars. Give these suggestions a try and decorate your home.

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