What To Do With An Old Memory Foam Mattress? 15 Best Ways!

What to do with an old memory foam mattress? There are numerous ways to make use of your old foam mattress.

Read through this article to know more.

What to do with an old memory foam mattress

If you want to get rid of your old mattress, do not throw it away immediately. Please make use of it!

You could still make use of it for another purpose. All you have to do is to be creative.

I want to make use of my old stuff as this does not only save me money, but it could also be of some help even though it’s old.

Your memory foam mattress, for example, could still be of use in many ways, even if you have your new one already.

Ready to try out how creative you are? Try one of these ideas to make use of your old foam mattress!


What To Do With Your Old Memory Foam Mattress

Making use of the old ones unlocks the creative side of yourself.

If you don’t know what to do with an old memory foam mattress, use the following ideas.

Not only will you be making things useful but have fun too.


#1. Turn it into a pet bed

If you have a pet at home, like cats or dogs, you could use your old foam mattress to make their beds.

That way, your pet will have a pleasant and comfy sleeping area wherein they can rest and have a good night’s sleep.


#2. Springs as decorations

Unlock your creative mind and make something out of the old ones.

If your foam mattress happens to have a spring, it’s your lucky day!

You could use the springs of your old mattress as a candle, cutlery, photo, or snack holder.


#3. Alternative furniture

You can still reuse the fabric and other mattress parts.

Recycling these parts could create cushions, bean bag filers, stuffed animal fillers, and bed pillows.

You could also use these to add a bouncy feel to your furniture, and other Do it yourself (DIY) projects.


#4. Rugs

The mattress protectors you use have made your mattress fabric free from stains; thus, making it a rug is a good idea.

Add some extra old clothes and create a patchwork style of rug to decorate your home.


#5. Kids playmat

As much as we love to prevent kids from jumping on the bed, they love to do it.

So instead of telling them to stop, let them play with your old mattress.

Place the mattress under the jungle gym to provide a cushion whenever they are playing.

It will not only offer a children’s play area but security also.


#6. Porch chair

Try making it into a porch chair instead!

Make your old mattress into a cushion on your porch wherein you can relax while feeling the gist of the wind on your cheeks.


#7. Hanging kitchen rack

The bedframe of your old bed mattress can be an excellent kitchen rack.

Place it at the ceiling together with the spring so you could hang your kitchen paraphernalia there.


#8. Create an art

If you are an artist or someone aspiring to be one, there are various ways to make an artwork out of the old mattress.


#9. Disassemble and keep parts

You can always disassemble the parts of the beddings and reuse them separately and make use of each part for your new mattress.


#10. Planter

The old innerspring of your mattress can be excellent plant holders. You could design them with paint to brighten up your garden.


#11. Compost

If you want to recycle your old mattress, make it environmentally friendly.

Make the materials from it into a compost container.

The old bed frame can be an excellent compost container. The fabric could be your lid to keep the compost dry.


#12. Sell

If you are tired of your old mattress, you could always sell it for a bargain.

Ensure that the bed is still usable so that your buyer won’t feel bad about purchasing it.


#13. Leverage manufacturer’s recycling program

Check if your mattress manufacturer offers leverage for used and old mattresses.

Some offer a recycling program or have a disposal agreement.


#14. Donate

If you still want others to make use of your old mattress, donating them can benefit others.

If yours is still in good condition, others can still make use of it too.

You may give it away to those who can’t afford it or to those that need one.


#15. Find a recycling center

Just dumping an old mattress could endanger the environment, so giving it to a recycling center.

The mattress chemicals could harm the environment like the PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers used as flame retardants.


Benefits Of Reusing Old Mattress

Recycling or reusing mattresses has been very beneficial, especially to those concerned about their budget.


Benefit #1. Saves space

I’m not exaggerating or anything but the mattresses that are dumped into the landfill take up to 23 cubic feet of space, so if you reuse one, you could lessen the use of space.


Benefit #2. Saves the environment for 50 – 100 years

Imagine if all people will recycle and reuse their old mattresses without having to throw them away.

You will save the environment from the chemicals the bed emits.


Benefit #3. Budget-friendly

Anything recycled saves money.

Of course, it is based on my experience with DIY projects and reusing scrap materials. It holds more than just buying new.

With this information, I hope you know what to do with your old memory foam mattress.

But if you can’t find the time to follow the tips and dispose of them, you want to read this article.

That is all.



Now you know what to do with an old memory foam mattress, make use of it as much as you can.

You will not only save the environment but save your money also.

Always remember the benefits and drawbacks of protecting and ideas that can make the environment survive as well as we do.