Best Ideas on What to do While on Maternity Leave

What to do while on maternity leave? If you’re like me, and we tend to be a little more traditional when it comes to work-life balance, then this may not have occurred to you until after your baby is born.

You probably didn’t even think about maternity leave before giving birth! But now that the time has come for you to take some much-deserved downtime with your new bundle of joy, what are some things that I can do during my next few months off?

What to do while on maternity leave


Here are just a couple of ideas:

-What if instead of sending out resumes or looking for employment opportunities in between feedings or diaper changes (which will only become increasingly difficult as they get older), focus on building up an online presence by starting/sharing blogs.

-Start thinking ahead of time about what you want to do with your career next. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities open up over the course of a year, so it’s never too early to start thinking about where you’re going!

-Not only can maternity leave introduce new friendships and relationships for future business prospects, but it provides an opportunity to strengthen those that already exist.


How do you take maternity pictures by yourself?

Maternity pictures are a very popular choice for pregnancy announcements and I think they can be even more fun to take than family photos. Here is how you do it by yourself.

You will need:

A camera with timer settings, or remote control for your camera A tripod Backdrop Your belly! And some props if you want them! Look up Pinterest ideas before shooting so that you have an idea of what kind of shots you would like or use this as inspiration to create something new!

You should plan out the order in which you’ll shoot things too because there may not be enough time between poses – once someone’s hands start getting tired from holding their body up, we’re done.

If possible, try visiting the location where you are shooting at least once before so that you know how much time it will take to set up and for your kids to warm up. Also, don’t forget to give yourself enough time between sets – 30 minutes is good.


Can I wear black to the maternity shoot?

-Absolutely. Black is a beautiful colour and I think it looks great on everyone, especially pregnant women! Maternity sessions are all about you so wear whatever makes you feel the best including black. Some of my favourite maternity photos have been in black!


What is the best colour to wear for maternity pictures?

The best colour to wear for maternity pictures is something soft, like pink or cream. It needs to be flattering against the skin but not overpowering. You want your clothes to make you look great and feel confident, without taking attention away from the baby bump!


How do I plan a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity photography is a fun way to celebrate your growing baby bump. Here are our top tips for planning an amazing maternity photoshoot with you and your partner:

– Decide where the photoshoot will take place. Will it be indoors or outside? If outdoors, try to find somewhere that won’t have too many people passing by so you can feel comfortable & relaxed! Some good places include parks, gardens or even just in front of your home if there’s pretty scenery nearby.

If doing this at night time then ensure all flash equipment is charged!! We’re always happy to help with locations as we photograph around London regularly! We’ve photographed mummies on Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill & Richmond Park.

– Dress up! Try to wear something you feel comfortable in and also looks great. For the guys, try not to wear anything too bright or distracting as they can sometimes overpower a photo so we want mummies & dads looking gorgeous!

For gals, it’s good if you’ve got one thing that stands out from your outfit – perhaps a belt, some jewellery etc. This will help with making sure our attention is on just mum & baby rather than everywhere else around them!!

We love dressing for theme shoots such as cowboys/Indians (if outdoors) which make things extra fun and different! Also, remember this might be an item of clothing you’ll only ever get to use once…so there’s no shame in spending a bit more on something that will last and always be special!

You can also wear your baby’s clothes if they’re newborn as you’ll probably love those outfits the best (and it might even make them feel like their own little photoshoot too!


Maternity photoshoot ideas

– Take a photo of the mother holding her belly from behind. Use a colourful wall as a background, or put some flowers in front of it to add colour and depth to your photo. This will create an interesting perspective for viewers while showing how big her belly is!

– The classic shot: Have the mom pose on a chair with one leg up while she rests her elbow on that knee. Position it so that you can see what outfit looks best on the bump without straining anything too much – yet still show off all sides at once.

If possible, use something like wooden panels (or even plastic) instead of metal frames for chairs; this makes them easier to move around but gives them stability than traditional beanbag furniture.

– The modern shot: Take a look at some of the architecture around you. Many buildings have interesting features that make for perfect backdrops if mom is up to scaling some steps or even getting onto rooftops! If not, just focus on her outfit and surroundings instead of making it all about the belly – yet still, show off all sides at once.

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