What To Do When Your Child Keeps Getting Out Of Bed? 3 Easy Steps To Try!

Children tend to get out of bed because they need attention, but what to do when your child keeps getting out of bed.

Your child may have developed separation anxiety which is why he gets out of his own bed to stay with you or other members of the family.

what to do when your child keeps getting out of bed

In some cases, the child may get out of bed after having a sleep of bedtime issues that resulted from a great change in his life.

So if your child is getting out of bed to seek your help, then go to him.

But if you notice that he is only doing this to keep you around, you can help him with his bedtime routine.

You need to deal with this consistently and calmly if you like to change this habit.

Below are some tips that you might find helpful.


Steps To Do When Your Child Keeps Getting Out Of Bed

If you do not mind attending to your child even when he repeatedly gets out of bed, then it’s fine.

But if you want this behavior to stop, you can try the following methods.

So, what to do when your child keeps getting out of bed?


Method #1. Set a bedtime routine

Setting a bedtime routine is vital in helping your child go to his bed.

Basically, it can include the following:

  • Refraining them from loud play before bed
  • Do something that can soothe him each night
  • Not allowing tablets, computer games, TV, or any other devices an hour before bed


You can also keep in mind the following tips when you set up a new bedtime routine:


Tip #1. You should think about proper timing

Perhaps, it takes a long time for your little one to fall asleep, then maybe you put him in bed way too early.

You can try to put him to bed near the time he usually falls asleep.

But you can gradually make his bedtime earlier.

Even if your child does not seem tired yet, it is not good to keep him up late.

That is because he might end up developing a poor sleeping habit.


Tip #2. Reminding your child of your expectation

Before leaving his room, tell your child that you want him to stay and have a good night’s rest.

Also, tell him that you will only go back to check him if he keeps his mouth shut.

Then, tell him that you love him and walk out.


Tip #3. Check him quickly before turning the lights off

You need to check if your child brushed his teeth, go to the toilet, and drink because these might make him get out of bed later.


Tip #4. Praising him for staying quiet

When you go back to his room to check, you can give him a gentle and bred praise.

In some instances, your child may be hungry.

In such a case, you can tell him that the dinner was good and he just has to wait for an even better breakfast.


Method #2. Restricting him to your bedroom

Even if you already developed a bedtime routine, he might still get out of bed.

Remember that you have to give a consistent response.

Return him to bed calmly, do not talk to him nor scold him.

If he still keeps on getting out of bed and proceed to your room, you may restrict him from getting in your bedroom.

You can tell him that you will close the door of your bed if he does not stay in his bed.

But make sure to open it again when he is already back in his bed to ensure his safety.


Method #3. Issue a free pass

This method might only work if your child is at least three years old.

You can issue a pass for only one acceptable request during bedtime.

He can use this to get a drink or a kiss from you.

Make him agree that once the pass is used, he must remain on his bed.

In case your child uses his free pass for something unfavorable, encourage him to choose something else.


How To Deal With Your Child Who Gets Upset?

If you simply return your child to his bedroom every time he gets out of his bed, chances are, he might get very upset.

For the most part, children would cry, throw a tantrum, or cough.

If this happens, you should comfort him like you normally do.

Once he calms down, put him back to bed and gently remind him to stay in bed.

Give him a good night kiss and leave again.


It’s A Wrap!

You should know what to do when your child keeps getting out of bed because if you give him attention every time.

It is most likely for this habit to continue.

But if you are a bit worried about this behavior, you can seek advice from the experts.

I know it is difficult for you not to give what your child wants.

So if you seem uncomfortable with the strategies above, you can always go back to what you usually do.

But you can try these strategies again next time when you are ready.

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