What To Do The Week Of Your Wedding: 3 Crucial Things

Those who want to know what to do the week of your wedding should accomplish three things. First, we’ll talk about the necessary follow-ups, how to check with the guests, and what you must review to make you feel extra confident and never stressed as your wedding gets closer. 

But besides knowing what you must do the week of your wedding, we hope you’re familiar with planning the event if you have a short period, to begin with. Refer to how to plan a wedding for three months if you’re interested. 

what to do the week of your wedding


What Do You Do On Your Wedding Week?


Do the necessary follow-up with the wedding vendors

  • You must do a follow-up with the wedding vendors a week before the big day
  • For example, are you sure that the venue and caterer know the expected guest count? 
  • Are the deliveries for the wedding decors, flowers, and cake secure on your wedding day?
  • You can also check with the vendors the expected timeline for the set-up and breakdown of the services and elements for the wedding so the event will flow without any setbacks
  • It is at this time that you’re familiarizing the wedding coordinator with what they need to overlook on your wedding day
  • You must also check with the wedding MC, DJ, or band if they have prepared everything they need for the ceremony and reception
  • Message the wedding officiant as well, especially if they’re someone you had ordained to officiate your wedding 
  • You also want to discuss with your partner the payments due and prepare the envelopes for the gratuity fees of the different wedding vendors
  • If possible, visit the wedding venue and reception if the place cards and seating are still according to plan


Test your wedding attires

  • After different fittings and alterations over nine months, you should have the wedding gown and groom suit read on your wedding week
  • Use this time to try and test the wedding outfits carefully, so you can practice the posture, walking, and other movements to look your best at a wedding
  • Be careful not to get the wedding attires dirty
  • You may also need to get the outfits steamed if they are wrinkled
  • You can wear the accessories and jewelry in case you might want to replace them
  • If you bought new shoes for the wedding, use them around the house to break them in and make them more comfortable
  • Check with your wedding hair and makeup for a trial run 
  • You can also prepare the outfits you’ll wear, especially with the bride and her bridesmaids, that typically have photoshoots during the preparation 
  • Prepare a wedding day kit or read what am I forgetting for my wedding day 
  • Do your facials and other relaxing activities to alleviate wedding jitters 


Have a final check-in with the guests

  • On the week of the wedding, you’ll schedule the rehearsal and the subsequent rehearsal dinner; make sure that everyone part of the wedding ceremony will attend so they’ll know their placements and duties
  • You can also assign some of your close friends and families on simple tasks to ensure that the wedding will go smoothly; for example, have someone collect the gifts for you, some help with seating, others with giving the programs, and some in helping with photoshoots
  • You should also call your wedding party if their wedding outfits are ready; the same applies to your parents and honorary guests 
  • For a destination wedding, clarify the guests’ arrival and if they already know how to travel from their accommodation to the venue 


What Should I Do The Week Before My Wedding?


5 to 7 days before the wedding

  • Recheck the guest list and use it for the headcount and seating plan
  • Make sure the wedding rings and wedding outfits are ready
  • Practice your wedding look and vows
  • Confirm the appointments, deliveries, and set-ups with all the wedding vendors
  • Visit the salon and dermatologist 
  • Share the wedding day timeline with the wedding coordinator 


3 to 4 days before the wedding

  • Get your manicure and pedicure
  • Do your facial and spray tan 
  • Have your waxing and massage appointments 
  • Prepare a wedding day kit
  • Have your gifts ready


1 to 2 days before the wedding

  • Have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Check if the guests’ travel and accommodation are successful 
  • Relax and reassure your partner 
  • Eat and sleep well

For last-minute skincare, we recommend familiarizing yourself with when to get a facial before the wedding


What Should You Not Do The Week Before Your Wedding?

  • Exfoliations and peels
  • Impulsive haircut and hair color
  • New diet, sleep, and workout routine
  • New products for the body
  • All-nighters
  • Pick a fight with your partner
  • Nitpick every wedding details
  • Last-minute wedding changes
  • Agreeing to people’s plus-ones even if the guest list is finalized
  • Binge drinking and party all week long
  • Rushing crafts for DIY projects 
  • Changing wedding vendors
  • Switching tasks and roles 



And that’s it! You just learned what to do the week of your wedding, which are follow-ups with the wedding vendors, personal preparations, and check-ins with the guests. 

We hope this will help you feel more at ease and relaxed as the big day gets closer. And if you have tips to share with other future newlyweds, please comment below!

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