What To Do The Day Before Your Wedding: Checklist

You must remember what to do the day before your wedding, which is a list of the four most important things. You do them the day or night before the wedding day to ensure that everything will move smoothly. 

They are also essential to keep you from being anxious and stay relaxed on your big day. But more than this checklist, you should also be familiar with the parties before your wedding day.

what to do the day before your wedding


What To Do The Day Before Your Wedding: Wedding Day Preparation


  • Confirm everything with wedding vendors

To avoid any potential setbacks on your wedding day, you should confirm the wedding details with the vendors ahead of time. One of the most important things to do the day before your wedding is to give your vendors a quick call regarding their deliveries, arrival, and other needs for the wedding day. 

You can even do this earlier, like two days before the wedding. Or, if you hire a coordinator, make sure that they know the expectations and responsibilities, especially with the wedding day timeline. 

You can also consider designating some close people for specific tasks. For example, perhaps you want someone from the wedding party to be the person asked by guests if they have last-minute questions. 


  • Prepare your wedding day attire

It’s crucial that what you’ll wear on your wedding day is prepared the day before the wedding. This includes everything from the wedding dress, undergarments, shoes, and accessories for the bride. 

The groom should also do the same to avoid forgetting any outfit details on the morning of the wedding. You can also talk with your best man, or for the bride, the maid of honor, regarding the pieces of the wedding outfit. 

You should pack a bag or kit with the items you’ll wear and need. For example, prepare the change of clothes for the wedding reception or a kit for touch-ups with some medicine


  • Check the weather and think of a venue contingency plan if needed

Another thing you can quickly check the day before your wedding is the weather. This is especially important for outdoor wedding venues. 

You have probably discussed a weather contingency plan with the venue during the early stages of wedding planning. But if the weather is looking bad on your big day, you can talk with the venue coordinator to ensure that everything will be ready. 

You should also think of a plan for transportation if the weather is terrible. For example, how will you safely transfer from the venue to the reception?  


  • Relax with your closest friends and family 

The final thing on your pre-wedding checklist the day before the big day is to simply relax. Most brides and grooms tend to simply forget to relax the day before their wedding. 

You must take a step back and do nothing rather than worry about the big day. Consider having a spa day with your bridal party or talking with your family. 

You may be feeling wedding jitters and other anxious thoughts. Make sure that you’ll get enough sleep and eat healthy food. 

But in case the emotions feel too intense, you may read about what is wedding cold feet


Are The Bride And Groom Supposed To Sleep Separately The Night Before The Wedding?

Traditionally, the bride and groom are supposed to spend the night separately before their wedding day. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to each other. 

It’s essential to take time and send letters, text messages, or even gifts to each other even if you’re not “seeing” each other. You can even video chat to check with your partner if they feel nervous about the big day. 


What Should Brides Do The Night Before The Wedding?

  • Prepare her bridal attire
  • Talk to her mom
  • Pamper herself with her bridesmaids
  • Message or call the groom
  • Relax
  • Eat well
  • Sleep well


What Should Groom Do Day Before Wedding?

  • Prepare his wedding attire
  • Talk to his dad
  • Relax with the groomsmen
  • Check with the bride
  • Eat well
  • Sleep well


What Is Tradition For Night Before Wedding?

The bride and groom traditionally spend the night apart from each other to preserve the woman’s virginity. Nowadays, it’s usually a way to romanticize and create an allure and excitement since you’ll only see your partner in their best dress or suit. 

Another tradition on the night before the wedding day is the bride must spend it with the bridal party. It is related to good luck as in the olden days, the bridal party dressed as the bride to confuse evil spirits. 

But of course, today, it is a time for the bride to relax with her closest friends and family. You can even do photoshoots in your pajamas. 


What Should You Not Eat The Day Before Your Wedding?

These food items are not recommended to eat the day before your wedding because some of them can cause issues like gassiness, upset stomach, headache, or general uncomfortable feeling. 

  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Caffeine
  • High-sugar foods
  • High-salt foods
  • Processed foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Cruciferous vegetables



And that’s it! To recap what to do the day before your wedding, you should confirm the wedding vendor details, prepare your wedding attire, have a weather contingency plan, and relax. 

The last part is usually overlooked, but it’s imperative to alleviate wedding jitters. And while you may be spending the night separately, don’t forget to check in with your partner. 

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