What To Do Instead Of A Wedding: 3 Best Alternatives

If you’re looking for what to do instead of a wedding, consider three unique alternative wedding ideas! This article will talk about alternatives for getting married to help you save money or if you want a non-traditional approach. 

We’ll even discuss some fun ways to have a wedding rather than a typical ceremony. And if you’re also interested in having a non-traditional reception, read what to do instead of a wedding reception

what to do instead of a wedding


Looking For What To Do Instead Of A Wedding? Try These 3 Unique Alternatives!


Elopement as an alternative to a traditional long wedding

If you don’t want to spend months planning your wedding, you can consider an elopement instead. It’s also perfect for couples who prefer a union with just them and their partners, whether it’s because of disapproving people or not. 

Contrary to what most assume, an elopement nowadays doesn’t mean you have to run away with your partner and get married in secret. Instead, it could just be a quick wedding anywhere with only your chosen witnesses. 

Some elopement wedding ceremonies may not even require witnesses for the union to be legal. Regardless, read who can witness a wedding to know more about why it’s a requirement. 


Courthouse wedding instead of getting married at a wedding venue

If you are running out of wedding ceremony ideas, why not ditch the need to have a full-on wedding ceremony? Instead, more and more couples nowadays opt for a courthouse wedding. 

A courthouse ceremony is perfect for couples who are non-religious and want to ensure that their union will be legal. Then, you can celebrate afterward however you like without worrying if you’ll get a marriage certificate.

Having a courthouse ceremony also eliminates the stress of finding an officiant to marry you. And since courthouse weddings only allow a small number of guests, you don’t need to explain why some are not invited to relatives and friends. 

Do you want a very small wedding with under 20 people? Then, read how to plan a micro wedding


Virtual ceremony rather than doing a face-to-face celebration

You don’t need to worry about a wedding venue if you consider a virtual wedding ceremony. Nowadays, social gatherings are even limited that it’s more common to see Zoom weddings.

The advantage of a virtual ceremony is it’s not going to cost you more money than having a traditional wedding in a particular venue. You can also make it brief, especially if you have a complicated relationship with relatives or friends. 

For example, perhaps you don’t enjoy a specific person, but you can’t uninvite them to your wedding. You can still have them attend, but you no longer need to deal with them in person for longer. 


What Can I Do Instead Of A Traditional Wedding Ceremony?

There are different ways to get married without a wedding. However, remember that you achieve all the legal requirements to have your union recognized with your partner. 

A helpful tip is to have a civil wedding to get the legalities out of the way. Then, you can do any of these non-traditional wedding ideas instead of the traditional wedding ceremony:


Nature activities

Nature activities such as hiking, skiing, or diving are perfect for the adventurous couple looking for an alternative to a wedding. You can exchange your vows once you reach the mountaintop, and it can even symbolize that you and your partner can overcome any challenges that life may bring after marriage. 

Skiing can also be fantastic if you are doing a winter wedding. Some ski resorts even do weddings where you can have your family and friends with you. 

And finally, the ocean makes the perfect backdrop for your union. So why not take a beach wedding to the next level and wed under the sea?


Sports and competition

If you and your partner have a favorite sport or you met supporting a particular sports team, these things can be a significant part of your wedding. You can cheer on your team together and then exchange vows at the tailgate, even with friends and family.

Instead of a formal wedding ceremony, you can also have a friendly competition and games with the special people in your life. Why not create a team bride versus team groom for a fun way to celebrate your union? 


What Is A Quick Wedding Called?

Elopement is also called a quick wedding. Traditionally, eloping means getting married in secret and suddenly without the couple’s family knowing. 

But nowadays, couples who want a quick and straightforward way to get married also elope. For example, you can elope in Vegas legally as long as you know the requirements. 


What Is The Simplest Way To Get Married?

The simplest way to get married is by obtaining a marriage license then doing the ceremony on the same day. The county employees can officiate and witness your union, so processing the documents after should be easier to do. 



And that’s it! To recap what to do instead of a wedding, you can consider eloping, having a courthouse wedding, or doing a virtual ceremony. 

Some alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony include nature activities and sports or competitions. We hope these gave you helpful ideas; let us know below if any of these suit your taste. 

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