What To Do Before Tanning Bed? 6 Easy Steps To Do!

Have you ever wonder what to do before tanning bed?

Several things are needed to be done before a bronzing session.

what to do before tanning bed

For you to be able to maximize this experience, you have to prepare your skin and yourself first.

In this post, we will discuss the considerations and actions needed to be taken before you go to a tanning bed location.

If you fail to take the steps that we are about to discuss, chances are, the outcome will be disappointing.

It can even be harmful to skip these steps.


Things To Do Before Tanning Bed

You cannot get in a tanning bed without doing the following steps.

So, what to do before tanning bed?


Steps #1. Knowing your skin type

First and foremost, you need to be aware of your skin type to protect your health.

The tolerance of people to UV rays and sunlight varies.

This is due to the different melanin levels.

Some have very fair skin.

These people find it hard to get tanned skin without burns.

Others easily achieve a tan, but they often get sunburned after sun overexposure.

Some skin types rarely get burns when exposed to the sun.

While others are born with tanned skin.

Their skin tone gets even darker after intense exposure to UV rays.


Step #2. Set your tanning goals

If you have a clear end goal, you can develop a routine when tanning.

You will also be able to know the most suitable bed to achieve the tan you desire.

For instance, those who have fair skin but want to obtain an exotic and deep tan need to understand that achieving such a goal needs time.

Conversely, if you only desire a sun-kissed bronze, it won’t take that long to achieve it.

However, you still have to begin slowly to be safe.

Ensure to tell the tanning salon associate about your goal to recommend the ideal tanning routine in achieving your end goal.


Step #3. Preparing your skin

To achieve a good quality tan, you have to prepare your skin first.

The UV rays will not be able to penetrate your skin if it is dry or dirty.

So before you get in a tanning bed, shower first and then exfoliates your skin.

Shaving all the areas you want to tan will also be necessary.

Ensure that there is nothing in between the tanning bed lights and your skin other than tanning lotion.

You should also remove your fragrances, makeup, and other lotions.


Step #4. Ready your tanning attire

Many people like to tan while being nude, while others would wear underwear or a bathing suit.

The outcome of your tan is affected by what you will be wearing on the tanning bed.

Tan lines can result from wearing a bathing suit.

This can be a problem if you wear something else with a different cut when you go to the pool or beach.

That is because you can look silly with the lines being visible.

Perhaps, you opt to tan without wearing anything; you need to clean after you are done as a respect for the people who will be using the bed after you.

It would help if you also covered the sensitive areas because they tend to get burn faster.


Step #5. Using protection

Other than the attire you wear to protect your body, you also need to use other protective gear.

The tanning bed bulbs can damage your eyesight.

With that being said, you need to get eye protection.

The majority of the tanning salons sell tanning goggles.

You are free to get one for yourself.

Wearing a lip balm may also be necessary since lips tend to burn quickly.

It is also good to cover your nails if it is manicured.

That is because it may fade during the tanning session.


Step #6. Applying tanning lotion

Tanning can cause your skin to dry, so it is recommended to use a moisturizer.

Applying tanning lotions can also help in achieving your desired tan faster.

Not only that, but it is also responsible for extending your tan.

In choosing a tanning lotion, you need to ensure that it is specifically formulated to be used in a tanning bed.

Also, make sure that it does not have an SPF rating since it will block off the UV rays.

Tanning lotions come in various categories.

Get an ideal one that can help you achieve a bronze tone that you like.

You can even get a bronzing tanning lotion to obtain the tan more quickly.

That is because it contains amino acids that encourage more melanin production.

They also have bronzer content that is giving your skin a bit of color.

But the most important thing to remember is that when you apply a tanning lotion., it must be evenly spread throughout the body.

Believe me; it will be worth it to take your time when doing this.


It’s A Wrap!

Once you know what to do before tanning bed, you can surely achieve your tan safely.

The tips above will also be able to help you achieve an even tan faster.

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