What To Do After A Courthouse Wedding: 3 Best Ideas

If you are unsure what to do after a courthouse wedding, consider three fantastic ideas. You can have a mellow or lowkey formal dinner, a fun cocktail party, or a full-blown wedding reception. 

You can also read about tips on making a courthouse wedding memorable below. And when it comes to planning the courthouse wedding size, you can check how many guests can attend a courthouse wedding?

what to do after a courthouse wedding


Best Ideas On What To Do After A Courthouse Wedding


Sit-down dinner

  • Couples who opted for a courthouse marriage ceremony typically prefer a simple, lowkey, and intimate celebration; they might also be limited with a budget that having a grand event after would be unrealistic
  • So after the courthouse wedding, you can make a simple dinner or brunch reservation at your favorite restaurant; it can be as formal or relaxed as you want with your favorite relatives and friends
  • They might also offer toasts and congratulate you after getting married
  • The dinner doesn’t need to lead into a party, especially if you prefer a simple celebration
  • You might also consider a backyard event instead if it’s a very intimate occasion after the courthouse wedding


Cocktail party

  • After the courthouse wedding, you can invite the guests to a cocktail party; you don’t need to include all the elements expected at a wedding reception, especially if your budget is limited
  • What’s fantastic with a post-courthouse wedding cocktail party is you’ll still mingle with guests more casually but still in stylish attire; it’s a middle ground between a typical reception and a simple occasion
  • Make sure to prepare enough drinks and appetizers for the guests
  • You can make the cocktail party as long or as short as you want
  • Why not have a themed cocktail party for a fun and unique celebration?  



  • Couples sometimes want to focus on a grander reception than the wedding ceremony; therefore, they may choose a courthouse wedding for a legal union, and the following would be the reception
  • The reception after the court wedding can be the same as a typical wedding reception from a traditional wedding ceremony; what to do after can include the introduction, cocktail hour, photoshoots, dances, speeches, and wedding reception throws
  • Your videographer or photographer for the wedding may also make a film or slideshow to show the guests, especially if they can’t attend the ceremony earlier 
  • You can also dance the night away after a courthouse wedding, especially if it’s a Friday or Saturday event
  • Take note to inform the guests that you’ll have a reception-only wedding as well, so they’ll understand that you’re not having a big wedding ceremony 


Is A Civil Ceremony The Same As A Wedding?

Besides knowing what to do after a courthouse marriage ceremony, do you fully understand what is a city hall or courthouse wedding? A civil wedding is the same as any, except a judge, notary public, Justice of the Peace, county clerk, and a magistrate will perform the wedding. 

The couple often chooses a civil wedding ceremony because the unity will be valid and legal, and it’s typically shorter and more affordable than a traditional one. Couples not under any religious denomination may also choose this type of wedding, then have their personalized ceremony afterward. 

For example, you may prefer a spiritual ceremony or your binding ritual. You can accomplish the marriage legalities after a courthouse or civil wedding; then, you can check what to do instead of a wedding


Do You Say Vows At A Courthouse Wedding?

Check with the city hall if you can incorporate traditional wedding elements in your courthouse marriage ceremony, such as the exchange of vows. Usually, a courthouse wedding only lasts for 15 minutes, which makes it unlikely to have enough time for a vow exchange.

Of course, the wedding day is exceptional, and exchanging vows with your partner is a sentimental way to show and communicate your commitment to them. Therefore, include the vows on what to do after a courthouse wedding. 

You can have a longer unity ceremony that incorporates wedding elements and binding rituals of your liking. And best of all, more people can be invited to witness this ceremony. 


Do You Exchange Rings At A Civil Ceremony?

It is not a requirement for the marriage license at the courthouse wedding to exchange rings. However, the couple may want to make their ring exchange more memorable or include it as they exchange their vows in a more extended ceremony. 

Since a civil ceremony is short and usually only has a few people with the couple, then consider exchanging your rings in a custom ceremony of your own after the wedding. Then, right after the courthouse, you can continue into a venue with more guests and exchange your rings more sentimentally. 


How Do You Make A Courthouse Wedding Memorable?

  • Have creative photoshoots before and after the courthouse ceremony
  • Wear appropriate but stylish wedding outfits
  • Host an event afterward with friends and family or have a wedding reception
  • Consider a customized unity wedding ceremony after the courthouse wedding



And that’s it! You just learned what to do after a courthouse wedding, which can be a lowkey dinner, a cocktail party, or a full-blown wedding reception. 

And since a courthouse wedding is quick and intimate, why not have your vow and ring exchanged in a personal ceremony with family and friends?

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