What To Bring To A Wedding: Essentials And Gifts

If you’re unsure what to bring to a wedding, we’ll discuss the personal necessities that every guest must have to stay comfortable throughout the day. You will also get some gift ideas on what you can bring for the couple themselves. 

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what to bring to a wedding

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What To Bring To A Wedding As A Guest


Personal necessities

  • Phone

It’s essential to ensure that your phone is with you when attending any wedding. You can use it to review the wedding website or find the venue itself. 

The other reasons why your phone is vital to bring are self-explanatory. First, of course, you use it to communicate with other people and maybe take photos of your dear friends and family. 


  • Wallet

Never assume that you wouldn’t need to spend anything when attending a wedding. For example, perhaps the reception has a cash bar, or you’ll need it to pay for a cab ride after the event. 

You should also put an ID on your wallet for safety reasons and just have proof of identification in general. Maybe you’ll need it at the bar or other random instances that will require you to show your ID.   



  • Comfortable shoes and clothing

Most weddings are formal to semi-formal, so understandably, you can’t wear flip-flops or flats that would look out of place in your overall attire. However, save your feet from the pain after the ceremony by carrying comfortable footwear in your handbag.  

And speaking of comfortable, keep the venue and season in mind. It might get colder in the evening, so make sure to bring a coat or jacket with you. 


Gifts for the newlyweds

It might be more convenient to bring cash or a check gift to a wedding, especially if you’re traveling. Most weddings even have deposit boxes for these types of gifts. 

But for bigger gifts, it might not look fitting for the occasion, or they’d be inconvenient for the couple during the event. Consider shipping the wedding gift before or after the wedding, so the couple doesn’t have to worry about it during the wedding. 


Do You Bring Anything To Wedding?

Guests will still bring personal essentials when attending the wedding. But for gift ideas, it will depend on its size, if you’re getting a cash gift, or if the couple has a wedding registry. 

Nowadays, couples have a wedding registry, which will also be convenient for the guests. You can check the gifts that the couple will surely appreciate to avoid the hassle of bringing something they might not need or would be inconvenient to carry around yourself during the event itself.  

Once you have your necessities and gifts for the newlyweds taken care of, deciding what else to bring will depend on the wedding location and season. Perhaps you will need a set of clothes for changing in a beach wedding or suitable types of attire from morning to evening, depending on the duration of the event. 


Is It Okay To Not Give A Wedding Gift?

It’s customary to bring a wedding gift when you attend a wedding, although no rule forces the guests to obtain one. It’s improbable for the couple or other people from the event to call you out if you didn’t get a wedding gift. 

Furthermore, some people might be restricted with their expenses, so the newlyweds will surely understand if you can’t give them a gift. So there’s a chance that the couple will notice, but it’s unlikely they will be aggressive about it. 

But what if I’m not going to the wedding? It’s acceptable not to send a gift if you’re not going to the wedding, but make sure to notify the couple that you can’t attend their celebration. 


How Much Should You Give For A Wedding?

There is no rule to follow regarding the amount to spend on a wedding gift. But to ensure that you’re getting something nice, consider a gift that is at least $99 to $150. 

You can also check the registry and add a gift card to your gift to the couple if needed. Finally, some people also base their gift expenses on their closeness to the couple, so if it’s a distant relative or acquaintance, then a gift costing $50 to $75 would be okay.  


Is it okay to give cash as a wedding gift?

It’s acceptable to give cash as a wedding gift, and most couples even prefer it to material gifts. The venue might have a deposit box, or you may check the couple’s wedding website if they intend the cash gifts to go directly through their bank accounts. 



And that’s it! We’ve learned what to bring to a wedding as a guest, and they include personal essentials and gifts for the couple. 

The essentials are self-explanatory, such as your phone, wallet, and comfortable shoes and clothing. But as for the gift, it will depend on the couple as some accept cash gifts or have a wedding registry. 

We hope this taught you about wedding gift etiquette; leave us a question if you have any. 

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