What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner At Summer? 6 Best Tips!

This article will be answering to your question, “What temperature should I set my air conditioner at summer?” It is ideal to set your air conditioner at 78 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. For others, 25 – 26 degrees Celsius is good.

However, you can choose any setting you want as long you afford to pay your electric bills. Deciding on your air conditioning unit temperature may be difficult as it can increase your electricity bill in a month.

What temperature should I set my air conditioner at summer

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The Best Temperature Should You Set Your Air Conditioner At Summer

Summer days. The hottest time of the year. I know you are very curious to “what temperature should I set my air conditioner at summer? Using your cooling unit during summer is vital to bring your electric bill to the mountains. I know you want to save more money, so do not worry.

During summer, the ideal setting for your air conditioning unit is to set it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 -26 degrees Celsius.

When I check my electric bill every month, I always get the impression that the AC is blamed for an increase. However, using the air conditioner in each one’s responsibility. So, it is better to set it at normal as advised by the energy sectors throughout the world.

Usually, I set my air conditioner higher when I go away from my home. However, when no one is using it, I prefer to turn it off. Also, to save my electric bill, I set a timer for my air conditioner. Usually, I use it for 2-3 hours while I work.

I also maintain my air conditioner periodically so that there will be no mishaps during its operation. The following section might be helpful for you. So, stay tuned!


How To Save Energy While Using Your Air Conditioner?

Are you wondering how to save energy while using your air conditioner? Do not fret. I will be here for you.

It is suitable for everyone to save electricity as it can be scary for the pockets of each one of us in paying electricity bills.

As a consumer, I have six tips to be shared with you. So, stay put.


Tip #1. Do not go for low

Using an air conditioner at the lowest temperature might be relaxing, but not for your pocket.

It is excellent for you to set it higher than your preferred temperature to save energy. However, do not go higher when you are feeling uncomfortable.

Ideally, add ten to fifteen degrees to your thermostat. With this setting, you can save a tenth of your electric bill monthly.


Tip #2. Sun is the enemy

The mighty sun gives the earth light and heat. However, it may not be suitable for our electric bill to keep them near us.

I recommend you cover all windows with blinds or curtains that block out light that can heat your room.

Hence, when your room is dark enough, the air conditioner might be saving up its energy by speeding up the cooling process in your room.

Also, do not forget to close your windows. The cool air might escape.


Tip #3. Insulation is key

A poorly insulated home can be a burden for your air conditioner. So, to improve your insulation, make sure your house is covered correctly.

Check the cracks, improper seals, and small openings in your home that might make your electric bill go higher. Also, it is best to call your repairman to seal up those gaps to improve your insulation.


Tip #4. Clean, clean always

When you have your air conditioner for a long time, there might already be dirt build-up on its surfaces. This build-up might cause your AC not to function correctly and suck up more energy than it should not be.

So, clean your air conditioning filters periodically every one or two months. A clean AC is not clogged up and can cool effectively.


Tip #5. Avoid heating near thermostats

The air conditioning thermostat has a temperature sensor that can sense the slight change in the room’s ambiance.

It would help if you did not put any heating appliances near it. It can signal the air cooling unit that the room is warm or hot enough to be cooled.


Tip #6. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans will be your companion if you want to lower your electric bill. When the AC is on, the fan itself helps to circulate and distribute the cool air it produces. Also, you can only use the ceiling fan to your liking when the temperature is comfortable for you.


Cooling Things Up!

Great for you! You already know, “what temperature should I set my air conditioner at summer?”

Typically, you can set it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 to 26 degrees Celsius during summer. Also, I have provided six tips that can help you reduce your electricity bill with your AC.

If you want to learn more about your household, go here.

Thank you very much for reading! In the next time!

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