What Temp Should Water Heater Be Set? 3 Best Considerations!

What is the answer to this question, “What temp should water heater be set?” The Environmental Protection Agency recommends water heater temperature be at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat is not too much to result in scalding. Plus, small families will get the needed hot water.

What temp should water heater be set

The re-heating process does not demand an excessive quantity of energy. Thus, you will save more money from it. But then, this temperature is not ideal for all. Other homes want something a little hotter. They have reasons why they want this temperature. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the right temperature setting suitable for you.


Considerations In What Temp Should You Set The Water Heater

Below are the concerns in what temp you should set the water heater.


#1. Presence of people at risk

Are there any people who live with you but are at-risk? If yes, remember that too much hot water can affect those sensitive to a high temperature. For one, young babies require only two seconds of exposure to 150-degrees Fahrenheit for them to suffer from third-degree burns. It is also just 5-seconds needed for them to get burned at 140-degrees. It is safer to bring the temperature down for your baby. Plus, it is better when reducing energy costs. A child below three or an infant requires a water heater not higher than 130-degrees. 

As with elderly homeowners, they must follow the same rules and guidance in this case. They expose themselves to burning quickly, which likewise causes painful injuries against accidental and extremely hot water exposure. Nonetheless, those suffering from poor immune systems may want an even hotter water temperature, as this will kill the bacteria and bring higher full steam to shower it in the air. A water temperature that does not exceed 140 degrees is suitable for younger children.


#2. Number of people who live in the house

Anyone in the family has a specific temperature preference as they shower. Nonetheless, fine-tune this with a hot and cold water knob. People who prefer a more desirable shower set a higher hot and cold water ratio. A lower percentage is also likable for those who want a shower cooler, and the device’s water temperature influences this. More scalding water that comes from the heater is not a requirement.

They add cold water in excess to maintain the ideal temperature. In a more excellent water heater, people demand less cold, but more hot water reaching their target—the people who set a lower water temperature run out of it faster. A substantial home, but many people require a higher water heater temperature. That way, the hot water supply lasts longer. Smaller homes with only a few people who live there may get away with lower temperatures. They are not likely to move out anyway.


#3. Availability of energy-efficient appliance

A pre-heating dishwasher is a popular option. This system takes in the water while boosting the temperature to a higher level. This way, it brings more sanitary and better clean water. Thus, there is no need to increase the water heater’s temperature. Look for a dishwasher with a pre-heat system; this is when you are expecting a replacement or an upgrade. But if it is not for quite a time, bump the water heater’s temperature to 140 degrees, as this keeps the water hot and excellent for a dishwasher. Thus, it remains safe when used by family members, as this is for as long as you use the proper cold water.


Knowing Your Present Temperature Setting

So, what temp should water heater be set? The temperature setting in your home is visible on the water heater’s dial. The temperature reading also is visual in the faucet. You only need to turn the hot water tap. Then, please enable it to operate for several minutes before taking the temperature.


The Solutions To Consider For Your Water Heater Issues

The hot water tank booster is a solution to ever think of when worried about scalding water. That is true if there are pathogens in hot water, as this maintains the water at exactly 140-degrees inside the tank. Then, it combines with cold water lowering the temperature to about 120-degrees; this is true before reaching the top. In a large home taking a long time to tap in hot water, the circulating system suitable for hot water can remedy this. The system slowly circulates the hot water in pipes, preventing it from completely cooling down; this is also before it gets to the tap.


Seeking Help To Set The Water Heater Temperature

Maybe your hot water is never enough even if you set the water heater. Thus, seek help from a plumbing expert if you need help to adjust the water heater or troubleshoot the issues. Nonetheless, it is not only the hot water that gets fixed. Search for a suitable air temperature with the help of a company. You may also want to read about how to vent a water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what temp should water heater be set. The recommended setting is around 120-degrees Fahrenheit. But then, consider other considerations when selecting the temperature like availability of energy-efficient appliances, number of people who live in the house, and people at risk. More importantly, look for help from the experts to do this. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to get sediment out of water heater and how to clean hot water heater.

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