What Size Throw Pillows For Sofa? Complete Guide

The answer to what size throw pillows for sofa range from 17 by 20 inches to 24 by 24 inches. Remember that throw pillows also come in different types and sizes, so this range is only an example. We will also discuss how you can know what size throw pillow to get for your specific sofa. 

But before we get started, please make sure that you know what is a throw pillow. It would help you better to find the best type for your couch. That being said, here are the sizes for all types of sofas. 


How Do I Know What Size Pillow To Buy For My Sofa?

One of the most common types of sofa pillow is the Euro pillow or the square throw pillow. You must know the throw pillow you want for the couch because it will also affect the sizes available. We will talk about square pillow sizes and the rectangular or bolster pillow sizes for this size guide, so adjust accordingly.  


For a regular-sized sofa

A regular couch can have square pillows that are 20 by 20 inches or even 22 by 22 inches. If you want to place rectangular throw pillows, get 19 inches wide and 11 inches high or even as big as 20 inches in width and 14 inches in height. Why do you have an extensive range for the ideal throw pillow dimensions?

Standard sofas are typically 72 inches wide, but some can get as much as 89 inches. Please learn how to measure the couch regardless because manufacturers might label their furniture as regular despite being slightly oversized or undersized. Then, select the ideal pillows so you can arrange them stylishly on the furniture. 


For loveseats

If you have a smaller couch such as a two-seater sofa or a love seat, you can still use 20 by 20-inch throw pillows. Some pillows are even available at a smaller size of 17 by 17 inches, which are perfect if you find yourself lacking space to sit on. As for decorating the small sofa with a lumbar pillow, you can opt for the dimensions of 17 inches wide and 10 inches high or 19 inches wide and 13 inches high. 

These throw pillow sizes will also work fantastically for much smaller furniture. For example, the slimmer settee compared to a traditional couch will look best if it’s not cluttered with throw pillows. However, you can still spruce it up by using small pillows for accent. 


For oversized sofas

The throw pillows ideal for longer or deeper sofas would be anywhere from 20 by 20 inches to 24 by 24 inches. You can also indulge in lumbar pillows as wide as 22 inches and 15 inches in height. And what’s even better is you can try other sofa pillow shapes without the possibility of ending up with visual clutter

Oversized sofas can be 90 inches or wider, perfect for layering and other types of throw pillow arrangements. However, don’t also forget to consider the furniture’s depth. Take your sofa’s measurements to check the ideal depth for large throw pillows, which are 26 inches or deeper.


For sectionals

The perfect throw pillow size for a sectional sofa can range from 18 by 18 inches to 22 by 22 inches. And for rectangular sofa pillows, you can opt for lumbar pillows that are 19 to 21 inches wide and 11 to 15 inches high. If you want round ones, a size of 12 by 20 inches and 13 by 20 inches should be fitting. 

Remember to familiarize yourself with how to arrange throw pillows on a sectional sofa, so you can select the specific dimensions for the sectional you have. Sectional sofas come in different sizes and orientations, so please consider how you want to place the pillows in your furniture. More so, sectional sofas will typically look best if they have around seven throw pillows only. 


Should Throw Pillows Be The Same Size?

It’s not necessary to have throw pillows of the same size on the sofa. Instead, the idea is to have most couch pillows of the same size and then layer them with another group of similarly-sized pillows. It will help you know how to mix and match pillows on the sofa because you can use the colors and number of the throw pillows for decorating.  

An example is to have one 22 by 22-inch throw pillow on each end of the couch and then layer them with 20 by 20-inch pillows. For smaller sofas, you can opt for one lumbar or a bolster pillow for the final layer. Don’t forget to consider where you’ll also place the throw on the sofa to ensure that you’ll still have enough space to use the couch comfortably. 



Couch pillows can be fun to use for decorating. But more than the design, you must know what size throw pillows for sofa. A quick recap of this guide reveals that the best size of throw pillows for the furniture range from 20 by 20 inches to 24 by 24 inches if you opt for square pillows. Additionally, you need to consider the type and size of sofa so you’ll still have enough space for sitting. 

We hope this size guide has given you ideas for decorating the sofa with throw pillows effectively. Let us know in the comments if you have other questions or tips that you want to share. 

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