What Size Tent Do I Need? 6 Best Things To Know!

What size tent do I need? The answer depends on the purpose for which you are going to use your tent. 

Indeed, tents come in various shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. But they all have the same function: to protect a body from the outside elements. 

What Size Tent Do I Need

Also, tents are used on various occasions and for multiple reasons. There’s no doubt why choosing one can be a bit overwhelming. 

If you’re having a hard time thinking about what kind of tent to use for your events, you’re just on the right track. We will discuss different types of tents and their sizes, perfect for the events you’re planning.

These things that I’m going to share helped me when I organized some events outdoors. I hope this will help you too. Just read on!


Things To Consider Before Buying

Before buying one, you need to plan. Questions like the following should flow in your mind.

  • For what event do you intend to use the tent?
  • What is the climate in the area you’ll need a tent?
  • Do you need to carry it at a great distance?
  • How much are you spending on the tent?

It would help if you answered these questions before you choose the right tent for you. 


#1. Know the specifications

It is necessary to know what you need the tent for and its specifications. It is whether to use it for your cars, a simple event, or for daily occasions. Most of the tents are portable and can just be folded and ready to assemble at any time.

If you’re looking for tents that can cover your vehicles, such as a carport, it is necessary to know the size of your car and add 1-2 yards on each side. 


#2. Climate

Sometimes the weather is unpredictable. So you’ll need tents that are versatile for any weather. However, not all tents or canopies can withstand all types of weather.

You will need to buy canopies that can withstand snow or wind if you need a tent in windy areas.

Your cars’ colors could fade when exposed to UV rays for an extended period. So it is necessary to use shelters that could protect your vehicles from these rays. 

Tents may come in handy. I used mine for almost any weather. 

The purpose of tents should always come to mind before buying one. What size of tents do you need? For what purpose?

There are sizes suitable for every event or purpose. 


#3. Tents for events

Having tents for your corporate parties or small gatherings is a trend nowadays. They could give off the outside feeling but an indoor setting.

In choosing tents to hold your events, there are three kinds of tents; Frame tents, pole tents, and clear-span tents.


  • Frame tents

Frame tents are made of an aluminum frame. It can give you an open space and center poles-free experience. 


  • Pole tents

Pole tents are a bit larger than frame tents. The difference is that it comes with poles on the center or middle part to hinder presentations and stuff. But this type of tent is suitable for small events. 


  • Clear-span tents

Clear-span tents are the most costly type. But then, the price comes with quality; you can expect only the best. 

This tent is made of a huge aluminum frame. It comes with beams but doesn’t have center poles needed like the frame type.

The ceiling of this type of tent could reach up to 30ft, which you can decorate to your heart’s content. Plus, it is sturdy too. 

In my case, I used a clear-span type of tent. It’s very convenient and versatile. Since it needs no poles in the middle, there was no obstruction between the area.  

It is perfect to use in events like parties, camping, corporate events, and wedding receptions.  

Using a clear-span type could cost you more, but I tell you, it’ll be worth it. 


#4. Calculate the size you’ll need

What size tent do I need? In calculating the size of the tent that you will need, the formula is simple.

If you’re planning a seated event, you will need at least ten square feet per person plus space for the food and beverage, the dance floor, stages, and other equipment used in the said event.

You will need at least seven square feet of space per person and spaces enough for the equipment to fit for stand-up reception types of events.


#5. Site

Consider your site’s surface, whether it is made of soil, gravel, asphalt, or cement. Soil and gravel are great for stalking and the safest way to secure a tent. But anchoring options are also open for concrete surfaces.


#6. Access to service providers

Checking the venue and road access is a factor in planning an event. The convenience of the services should be put in priority to make the event a success.

Equipment, tables, chairs, and DJ equipment needs to be packed in. Additional carting services could cost you more labor charges.


Final Thoughts

In choosing a perfect tent for a specific purpose, you need to know the size. 

The question is:

What size tent do I need? You need to follow the steps mentioned above. Don’t worry, though; they are easy to execute. 

No doubt, it’s very satisfying to handle an event, especially if it is successful; and the success includes the perfect tent. 

Thankfully, the event I helped organized ended well without any problems. I was in charge of the decorations and the planning of the place. It was hard the first time, but it was very satisfying until the end.

The tips and things listed above really helped me with this task. I hope it will help you too!

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