What Size Sheets Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

If you’re curious about what size sheets fit a queen pillow top mattress, there are some considerations to remember before buying one. First, you must know the dimensions of your pillow top bed and adjust accordingly. Remember that some brands have deviations from the standard queen size, and pillow tops vary in height. 

Why does the proper size sheet matter? More than keeping your pillow top mattress clean, you must use a sheet to protect it from wear daily. The appropriate size will offer this securely, so you’ll feel confident that your pillow top will not immediately get damaged or dirty. 

What Size Sheets Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress


What Size Sheets For A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

If you have just got a queen pillow top mattress, you can get a sheet covering 60 by 80 inches. These are the standard dimensions of a queen-size mattress, and then you can adjust the additional height in a pillow top type bed. Depending on the specific product you have, it can mean an extra between 15 to 22 inches. 


How to get the perfect size sheets for your queen pillow top mattress

Since a pillow top bed is more cushioned due to its upper layer than a traditional mattress, it can be tricky to find suitable size sheets. If you just used a standard queen sheet for your queen pillow top mattress, it won’t compliment this bed’s extra depth. The best way to get the correct sheet is to measure your bed’s dimensions and select a deep pocket sheet. 

This sheet’s design will cover the extra depth of a queen pillow top mattress, and you will still get a fitted finish. You may also need to consider a standard 15-inch deep pocket sheet or something with a height of 17 to 22 inches, depending on the specific queen pillow top mattress you have. Then, find the suitable material that will suit your needs, whether it’s polyester, cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, or even flannel.


Will a King-Size Fitted Sheet Fit a Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

A standard king-size mattress is more significant than a queen pillow top mattress. Therefore, using a sheet of the former will work for a queen pillow top bed. However, the size is too large, and you have to tuck and fold the extra material to keep it from slipping when you lie down. 


How to measure your pillow top mattress

The effort you’ll exert to measure your queen pillow top mattress is worth it if it means the sheet you’ll have will feel comfortable and protective of your bed. To start, remove all the bed accessories and measure your mattress’s height starting from where it rests on the foundation to the top. Then, get the length from the head to the foot and the width from one side to the other of your bed. 

Use the measurements you got when shopping for sheets and other accessories to avoid hassles with fitting. Don’t be discouraged that it might be too much work because measuring the mattress itself is straightforward. Furthermore, deep-pocket sheets come in standard sizes, including that of a queen pillow top mattress.


Will A Fitted Sheet Fit Over A Mattress Topper?

You probably wonder why you have to understand the considerations we discussed when shopping for a queen pillow top mattress sheet. It is necessary, including measuring the bed you have because of the extra top layer on a pillow top mattress. But what about beds that use a mattress topper?

Will a fitted sheet work with this combination? Yes, but you want to use a deep-pocket sheet much like the one you need for a pillow top mattress. This sheet’s depth will provide the correct fitting compared to your regular fitted sheet that can only accommodate a height of 11 inches. 

Remember that adding a mattress topper to a mattress will add more height, and you need a sheet that will cover the resulting dimensions. Otherwise, a regular fitted sheet won’t reach the bottom of your mattress securely. You risk having it come off throughout the night, which can be annoying. 


Why Won’t My Queen Sheets Fit My Queen Bed?

If you just bought a queen bed sheet and it doesn’t match the size of your queen-size bed, then the latter might be to blame. Remember that some mattress brands have deviations with their sizing, so your queen mattress might not follow the standard queen dimensions, which are 60 by 80 inches. 

More fitted sheets follow the standard dimensions, so if your sheet fails to match the corners, then your bed might have a different size. It might be listed as a queen by the manufacturer, but there are size differences. It’s always best to check the dimensions of everything you’re buying more than the size tag they have. 



If you’re using a queen-size bed, but it’s a pillow top, there is a consideration for the sheet that you must use for it. What size sheets fit a queen pillow top mattress? The answer depends on your product’s specific dimensions because some brands have deviations from the standard queen sizing. 

Measure your pillow top mattress to find the extra depth needed and get a deep pocket sheet. This way, the fitting will be snug, and you won’t risk having the sheet slipping off.